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my-story-circleAnthony Abiola DADA (aka Tony DADA) has been working within his community and across the UK since 1991 after finding himself homeless and stripped of all his worldly possessions including his children due to his relationship breakdown. It was this experience that led him to what he now refers to as “My great experiment”.

Having lost everything in 1 day he realised how redundant a life fuelled solely by the need for continual acquisitions becomes and more importantly that “your possessions do not define who YOU are”.

Despite a lack of resources (no money) and equipped only with the resources he had acquired from his Spiritual Mentor through lessons on how to live a fulfilled and empowered life, Tony decided that he was going to put these lessons learnt to the test. Armed only with this knowledge and a vision, he decided he would redefine what success meant to him and make his life stand for something.

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Public Speaking

For event planners who need to add a strong element of personal empowerment and/or creativity through powerful song performances to their events. Tonys’ talks plus motivational and inspirational songs will definitely improve your event feedback scores.

The GPS Coaching & Mentoring Program

The Grow Personal Success (GPS) mentoring programme is for people serious about defining their unique vision of success. Developed over 30 years this leadership programme is for those who want to experience a holistic accelerated transformation.

Business Support for Start-ups

50% of new business started in the UK each year never make it to their 3rd birthday. If you have a business idea or new start-up. Set yourself up for success by ensuring that your business is an extension of who you truly are. Attend one of our I day workshops delivered in partnership with NatWest Bank.

Mindset Training for Artists & Creatives

Acquire the same mindset that was installed in Tinie Tempah, JLS, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke and a host of other creatives that provided their foundation for success.

Leadership Training

For established businesses that recognise an empowered team of empowered individuals led by an empowered leader produces huge results for everyone involved as well as the company. High value staff training delivered on-site.

Empowering Relationships

Whether professional or personal, between business partners or directors, married couples, parents and their children or peers to peer pressures. Life is about relationship and healthy strong relationships improve the quality of Life as well as increase profits within companies.

"Within a couple of weeks of starting the GPS mentoring and coaching programme my relationship and marriage of 10 years was transformed. Now we are preparing to renew our wedding vows."
Jade PinnockGrow Personal Success (GPS) Graduate
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"The Grow Personal Success system is THE blueprint for accessing health, wealth and happiness in the 21st century, without having to stress or work yourself to the bone."
Chris ConeyGrow Personal Success (GPS) Graduate
"Tony's book gives his account of a three decade journey within the borough of Wandsworth. He has shared the lessons he learned on this journey with young people in South London to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations."
Paul MartinCEO of Wandsworth Council


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