On Sunday (May 8th) I had a conversation with a friend who was shocked when she invited me to attend a march against knives and I refused point blank. I told her that actions like this would not bring any kind of positive change. She didn’t get it!

The following day we spoke again after both hearing about another young black man whose life was taken on his way home from the march, taking the total to 11 young black men killed in less than 14 days, through black on black knife crime.

She finally got it!

In my 1st blog of 2017 I wrote about this being the year of INSPIRED ACTION, which is not the same as ACTION or RE-ACTION (you can read it here www.tonydada.com/inspired-action)


If there was ever a sign for us to recognise that things must change and change now I believe this is it! But the question many are asking is “what can I do”, and this is what “Inspired action” is all about. Don’t just “act out” or react. Inspired action is about thinking through your heart and not just your head, there is something you and I can do – Time for some real Soul Searching, strategic planning based on a clear vision for our youth, followed by Inspired action. The time for inspired action is now!


Auntie Jean’s African Market – Sun 21st May


Please join me at Auntie Jean’s African market on Sunday 21st May where I will be speaking and sharing on “Growing Personal Success – How to break the chains of the Poverty Mind-Set” based on over 30 years of research.

The address is Leander Community Centre Ship Street off Vanguard Street Deptford SE8 4DH.

Please arrive for 14:00 for what will be a day of cultural sharing and learning.


Interactive Online GPS Coaching Programme – Starting In June


Since our original announcement about this new programme, many people have come forward to express interest in taking one of only 8 available places.

This new coaching programme delivers the benefit of working directly with me every week for 10 weeks at a fraction of the cost of the personal 1-2-1 Programme.

For more details about this programme or if you missed the original announcement please click here


Forthcoming Events


Featuring: The Inspired Entrepreneurs Trust Pre-Launch – Sat 17th June

On Saturday the 17th of June we’ll come together once again for the Business, Money and YOU Live event.

Click here to see photos from our last event


This event is set to be the best one yet, not only because we’ll be joined by a new wave of conscious entrepreneurs looking to take INSPIRED ACTION but because we have a very special announcement.

This event is an exclusive opportunity to receive more details of The Inspired Entrepreneurs Trust, which has been set up to empower people in and from difficult circumstances, enabling them to start and grow their businesses by lowering the cost of world class training and education programmes.

Click here to see our new flyer
for the Inspired Entrepreneurs Trust which we are launching in partnership with NatWest Bank. You can click the link directly on the flyer to watch the 2 minute video and see if you are one of the groups we are keen to support. We are also looking for expert business trainers and educators who have a passion for supporting the new entrepreneurial spirit blossoming within our community.


So please join us for Business, Money and YOU, make new connections, expand your mind and refill yourself with inspiration, the fuel that will propel you towards your vision of success.


MONEY MUSIC TALKS workshop – Mon 28th May Sponsored by D.A.D.A.

One of our R.I.C.H. Members is staging an exciting workshop for creatives and artists who want to learn how to make music in the 21st Century.

This is what Jo says about his workshop
It’s the ONLY motivational music business course on the market. It’s HIGH POWERED, EDUCATIONAL AND MOTIVATIONAL“!

With over 10 years in the music business and working with the biggest major label on the planet (UMG) Jo says “We offer you a real chance at success.

He goes on to say

We GUARANTEE that you have never experienced something so powerful and filled with the latest strategies and motivational techniques to thrive in the entertainment business.

Tickets available at:

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