As we celebrate women as part of International Women’s season. I want to particularly salute the women who are anchored in their divine power.

2019 is the year of the creative expression of the feminine energy. CLICK HERE to read my first blog for 2019 for more on this subject.

Simply put this Blog is putting women on notice that  this year represents a window of opportunity for those who want to tap into and express their creative power and move their life to the next level. If you’ve been stuck for a while, physically, financially, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, this year offers the opportunity to break free.


But don’t take my word for it watch and listen to the emotional, inspirational story and interview with Dr Sonja Stribling who attended The BEST YOU EXPO  last month and her message that every woman needs to hear.


Don’t Miss Our Premier with Dr. Sonja Friday 15th (TODAY) on DADA TV at 7pm GMT.


Dr. Sonja Stribling & Tony DADA


To all the “brothas”, you will be pleased to know, this window of opportunity is also available to men who know how to access their feminine energy, and before you get it twisted no, this has nothing to do with your sexuality, although some are being misguided,  it’s about the quality of your Soul. For more on this topic join me along with guests at next month’s intimate RealTalk Dinner Discussion (Thursday April 4th) where we will be discussing the subject of Spirituality/Conscious Awareness (visit for tickets).


Special Promotions


Promotion 1 – If you attended any of the last 2 dinner discussions, why not bring a friend to the next session. You can purchase 2 tickets at the discount price of £69.90.

Promotion 2 – All GPS Graduates can also purchase 2 tickets at the discount price of £69.90.

To take up either of these promotions please email

We only have 30 tickets available so don’t delay if you want to attend!


If you missed attending the BEST YOU last month you can read the review article that I wrote for The Voice newspaper (14/03/2019) CLICK HERE.


Forthcoming Events where I will be Speaking:

The Black Market & Film Festival –  Saturday 30th March 2019 12pm – 9pm

The 15th Black Market & Film Festival is an event to showcase, expose and connect Black cultural and creative entrepreneurs to the community and to provide a platform to sell their products, promote their skills and engage with the local and surrounding community.  For details and tickets CLICK HERE.

Healthy Living Discovery Day – Saturday 6th April 2019 12pm – 6pm

Come and enjoy a day about Health and Well being. For details and tickets CLICK HERE


Black Brits Spring Fayre – Sunday 14 April 2019 –  10am – 6pm

The Walthamstow Assembly Hall, Forest Road, London E17 4JF.
Admission £1


Future RealTalk Dinner Dates & Pillar Topics:​

  • 4th April Spirituality/Conscious Awareness: Based on your Core Beliefs (You are what you believe. What do you believe about yourself and the world around you?)
  • 2nd MayPhysical Health
  • 7th JuneBusiness/Money/Financial Health: Professional, Business & Financial

If you would like to sponsor one of our Dinner Discussions and promote your company to our attendees as well as our community send an email to for more details.


Nuff Love



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    Colostrum isn’t milk! Nor is it produced with the mammary glands like milk, ought to be fact it’s produced 4-6 weeks just before birth and it contains over 700+ constituents that work on Anti-Aging, Immune Support, Metabolic Support and, far more. To clarify, we’re referring to Colostrum from bovine or cows.

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    According to Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., Natural Gourmet Institute founder and CEO, “Milk is made to put weight on babies-and it’s not only the fat that does it, but also the protein and calcium.” Now I would somewhat trust her, especially about “Milk” normally. However, once you start looking before milk, or what is known as Pre-Milk or Colostrum that is where she would be grossly misinformed.

    The reason for this is deficiency of lactase, an enzyme created by small intestine mucosa. Lactase decomposes lactose being distributed around the bloodstream. Lactase deficiency contributes to inability to absorb and decompose milk sugar. There must be a distinction between intolerance and allergy to your food. Lactose intolerance does not require the disease fighting capability, like case of your allergy rather than necessarily requires complete avoidance of milk derivatives. Symptoms can be controlled which has a diet limiting the intake of lactose without removing calcium with vitamins and minerals.

    Causes and pathogenesis
    Lactose is often a macromolecular carbohydrate consists of two molecules, among glucose and considered one of galactose. For lactose being absorbed into the intestine, it needs to be first divided into the above molecules contained. The enzyme that converts lactose is called lactase, and it’s also found on the surface of intestinal mucosa cells. Lactose intolerance is due to lack of this enzyme, or its low activity on lactose.
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    Typically the production of lactase decreases because diet changes and has more of a variation of food. This gradual decline in the production of lactose might cause some individuals to have the the signs of lactose intolerance.

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    Effective Ways to Reduce Intestinal Cramping After Eating

    Lactose is the main sugar that is certainly present in all milk products including all sorts of milk. When the first is lactose intolerant, this only denotes that you are not able to digest such a sugar. This usually happens while there is a shortage of digestive enzyme known as lactase. Lactase is usually stated in small intestine and is also to blame for extracting milk sugar, making it easier being absorbed into the system. When there is insufficient lactase to digest lactose gastrointestinal symptoms surface. These symptoms commonly diarrhea, bloating, cramps and nausea.

    Lactose intolerance is a lack of the lactase enzyme that will occur on account of certain factors. Primary lactose intolerance is situated a lot of people due to the maturing. When an individual arrives, our bodies creates a large amount of lactose and through the childhood years when the primary way to obtain nutrition consists of milk.

    No doubt there is definitely an ethnic url to this condition and Westernized Africans and South-east Asians tend to be one of several largest victims with as many as 90 percent suffering. A tiny percentage of babies are in fact born without the capacity to produce lactase making feeding very difficult. There are other causes including digestive disorders, injuries to the small intestine and also repeated courses of antibiotics that may destroy the healthy bacteria and upset the intestine’s capacity to produce this enzyme. However, this is generally easy being resolved.

    Secondary lactose intolerance takes place when there is often a decrease in the creation of lactase from the small intestine due to a personal injury or surgical treatment. This type could also develop as a result of an intestinal disease like Crohn’s disease, IBD or inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, or gastroenteritis.

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