Happy new year family I am so excited to be connecting with you through this, our first newsletter of 2016.

“Everyone lives but not everyone has mastered the art of living”

My spiritual mentor from Africa 1st taught me about the unique vibration each year carries many years ago and because it will be another 10 years before we see a year quite like this permit me to share a little on this with you as I want you to experience as much SUCCESS as you can during 2016.

Firstly It requires that you be open minded……
After listening to the news we are often provided with the weather forecasts by those who know weather patterns and often we use the information they supply us with to determine how we will dress for the coming day(s) ahead. Similarly there are those who know how to read the energy or vibration each year carries and similarly use this information to inform how they will approach and move through the year.

So how does this benefit you? Read on. Each yearly vibration has its own frequency, which is determined by a number. The numeric frequency for 2016 is 9 which translated suggests that this the most potent year for the completion and /or beginning of your project(s).

Simply put if you’ve been thinking of starting something new this year, looking for new personal or professional direction, been thinking of quitting your current job, starting a new one, starting a new business, or take your existing business to new levels, looking to start a new circle of friends and relationships that are healthy and positive, getting married or ending a toxic relationship, or thinking of moving house, this is the perfect year to make it happen.

Click the link to read more about the power and energy of the numeric frequency (9). It has characteristics like no other number:


Launch of GPS Group Mentoring & Coaching

So this year is already set to be a BIG year for us all and we have listened to your comments about wanting to join the GPS Program vs affordability.

I am pleased to announce you can now join The GPS Mentoring programme for a fraction of the normal fee as a result of the introduction of our GPS Group Coaching Program.

I will be talking more about this during my free webinar click the link below to register if you want to ensure that you have started the year with a PROSPERITY and not a POVERTY MIND-SET.

Places are limited so register at:


Launch of GPS Monthly Webinars

Sharing what they don’t teach at school

Many people have raised questions about GPS, intrigued by this philosophy.

So as this is a special year we want you to have access to new ways of thinking. We are excited to be launching our monthly series of GPS webinars based on the theme of the 5 pillars (note the “Fresh Start”) and they’re FREE to attend.

Change your thinking – change your life

Time-table for Forthcoming Webinars

Thursday 14th January at 20:00

How to 100% Guarantee Your Success in Life Work and Relationships
How to live consciously and consciously evolve

Places are limited, to register click this link


Thursday 4th February at 20:00

How To Balance Male and Female Energy In Personal Relationships

In just a few weeks we have heard how 1 man took his own life as a result of his partner telling him she was in a new relationship and he feared she would not let him see their 6 children. Then on national TV we hear how another man is a suspect in the death of his partner and 2 children. Men and Women we need to talk!

Places are limited, to register click this link


March (Date and Time To Be Confirmed)

My good friend Rev Michael Beckwith from the best selling DVD and Book The Secret – Law of attraction will be travelling to Europe and possibly London from the states in late March through to early April.

I’ve spoken to his office about staging a webinar and live event for you.

If you are interested in attending either or both register your interest here


Invitation to Star in Big Brother TV Show

And finally during the last weeks of 2015 I was approached by the team responsible for identifying people they would like to see participate in the Big Brother TV show this year.

Apparently it is no longer possible to apply to enter into the Big Brother house, you have to be invited and guess what?

They’ve approached and invited me to participate.

Although it’s flattering to be approached and invited I have had a mixed response from my team and family.

Should I accept or decline the invitation?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Join Me At Auntie Jean’s Afrikan Culture Market Day on Sunday 17th Jan

This is my 1st speaking event of 2016 where I will be sharing on The GPS System based on the 5 pillars and how you can use this knowledge to begin to improve the quality of every important area of your life.

Don’t believe it watch some of our testimonials


To find out more about this event click the link


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