As I read through my 1st blog of 2017 – boy was it a strong indicator for what was to take place over the 12 months.

I wrote about 2017 being the year of Inspired Action (action inspired by the heart 1st and then the mind which gives you a deeper perspective) because many of the changes and challenges of 2017 would come from places not so visible to the naked eye.



Did you take Bold Inspired Action as a result of reviewing and redefining everything in your world with this deeper perspective?

I did and without question it was the best year of my life, where I encountered many R.I.C.H experiences for the first time, mentally & emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially and financially.

For me 2017 will be the year I remember as the year that Money as I had previously known it was redefined through learning about Crypto-Currency (More on this later) as so did my appreciation for Love which is at the root of all Inspired Action.

I also wrote about the rise of the feminine energy and wow did we receive shock-waves from UK Senior Government Ministers to powerful individuals in the White House and in Hollywood whose careers and good standing in society came to a seemingly abrupt end as women began to find their power and speak out about injustices they had experienced at the hands of powerful men.

To read the full Jan 2017 blog CLICK HERE

What were your highlights of 2017? It’s important that you identify them because they are seeds that you need to cultivate and nurture in 2018. We’ll see more of that feminine energy in expression that’s for sure and so we would all do well to take a more holistic view of our lives.

2018 Offers a golden opportunity to present the BEST YOU to the world and there is no better way of doing this than through Conscious Creative Collaborative Achievement driven relationships.



2018 is the year for Conscious Creative Collaborations. Having done your Soul Searching in 2017 you should now have a greater awareness of who YOU are together with your strengths as well as weaknesses. (If you have not reached this point the GPS 1-2-1 mentoring programme offers a 90 day fast track solution so do get in touch by emailing for more info). This greater awareness now gives you the perfect opportunity to seek out those individuals or organisations that complement you. Their strengths matches your areas of weakness and vice versa. The result could and should be – EXPLOSIVE.

Every year carries a vibrational frequency and for 2018 this is illustrated through numerology by the number 2 which also symbolises the spirit of collaboration (2+0+1+8=11, 1+1=2).

Armed with this conscious awareness you will quite literally achieve things that you previously would have thought impossible through the spirit of collaboration. So make finding that someone or that organisation that you can join with a high priority in 2018.



The new journey that began in 2017 will continue and for many may pick up pace in 2018. For example many experts in the world of Crypto-Currency predict that we will see even more unprecedented activities in this space. Some have gone as far as to say it is the greatest transfer of wealth opportunity in the last 400 years. Others are calling it a modern day “Gold Rush”. I have personally experienced 200% – 400% gains in 90 days, whilst other members of my team have had even greater gains achieving as much as 8000% increase in just 12 months.

Hence why our 1st event in 2018 has to be focused on the financial pillar from the 5 pillars which underpin the Grow Personal Success (GPS) System. Due to the success of our last event we have decided to visit the topic of Crypto-Currency again. I have invited top GPS Graduate Chris Coney our in house Crypto-Currency expert to collaborate with us this time in not 1 but 2 events.



Check out our REALtalk part 2 – as well as our 1st ever 1-Day Crypto-Currency workshop with Chris as your expert teacher –


The events will be staged by the team which consists of graduates from the GPS Mentoring Programme, which I am most proud of. They and other GPS graduates have inspired me to finally launch the DADA Success Academy after thinking about it for a decade.

Why launch now? Because the time for collaborations is now and so I would like to invite you to attend and find out how you can become one of our founding 100 members. Our aim is to allow you to influence us about what and how you want to learn and we will facilitate this whilst operating within our “Earn while you learn” Framework.

Just think what could be achieved by a Community of 100 R.I.C.H Memberswho want positive change for themselves and others. Only one way to find out – Put it to the Test. So join us at our 1st event for 2018 on Saturday 3rd February where I will share more. Visit

Life is school and the good news is that we have all graduated from the class of 2017. Now we must join the Class of 2018 where new tests and challenges await us.
We are looking for people who want to join our tribe wishing to learn, grow and act as a catalyst for change within their families and communities. Individuals who are ready to rise to the many challenges that lay ahead.

If that resonates with you, book your ticket today and secure your seat. You will also have the chance to purchase a 60minute video ahead of the Crypto-Currency workshop event that I strongly recommend. It changed everything for me at the start of my Crypto-Currency education.


Ps. If you are a Expert Teacher or Trainer and would like to deliver a 1-Day Training Workshop in any of the following areas – (Mind-set, Mental/Emotional well-being, Health, Nutrition, Wellness, Spirituality, Relationships, Money and Wealth) please do contact Judith on

The experienced surfer waits for the wave to appear and then rides the wave unlike those who lack experience who use up all their energy making little progress before the wave appears tossing them around aimlessly. Join us so we can collaborate and win together in 2018 the year of the collaborative Spirit.

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