It’s a new month and what an amazing 2 months we’ve had so far in 2016.

We are on course to experience our best year ever. How about you?

If you’ve got some catching up to do, we invite you to make this your month of intense focus so you can still produce good results throughout the rest of the year.

If you would like help in accelerating your progress please book a consultation.


I am so excited and honoured to be one of the guest speakers addressing women in Antigua on Wednesday 8th March as part of an international Women’s Day event staged by Vee Roberts.

This event, InspirUrBiz features a number of speakers from the UK and other shores who will be providing tips to women who are serious about their vision of personal and business success.

To find out more about this event go to

The feedback from our new GetReal Talks that we have made accessible to people all over the globe through the Internet has struck a cord with our viewers.

It seems like humanity is slowly waking-up. We seem to have reached a stage of maturity where we can discuss complex issues so we might all learn and grow.

Here are a few extracts from last weeks show for you to enjoy.

What Could People In The Black Community Do To Improve Their Relationships? – DADA TV


What Is The Difference Between Boundaries and Expectations in Relationships? – DADA TV


Honesty With Yourself, Friendship and Taking Responsibility In Relationships – DADA TV


How Does Conscious Living Apply To Relationships? – DADA TV


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