For over 30 years I have practised a lesson learnt from my spiritual mentor when it comes to generating money. The Lesson is…

 “receive income through focusing on providing quality service to others”


Never has this been more relevant in these times as millions of people around the globe are thinking about what they are going to do as they embrace the idea of losing their job.


What I have practised over 3 decades and now teach is;

  • How to identify what you love
  • How to get paid doing what you love
  • How to fulfil your purpose doing what you love

“How cool is that!”


In this blog I will be listing 5 ways that you can create Money in the new economy creating some stability in your life during these turbulent times. 


  1. Join The R.I.C.H Society & Receive Free Personal Coaching 


Receive free access to graduates from the “Grow Personal Success Holistic Mentoring Programme” within thier area of expertise. If you’d like to see examples of some of our R.I.C.H members living the R.I.C.H Life (Realising the seemingly Impossible & Creating Happiness) join our Free Facebook group

If you would like to fast track your journey towards clarity on the best way to making money for you, join the MINDreSET 20/20 Challenge or gain access to the MINDreSET ToolKit to grow financially as well as holistically.

(We are developing a pilot project with one of our partners to offer 80 R.I.C.H Members a 100% cashback guarantee on the completion of the “MINDreSET ToolKit” & “MINDreSET 20/20 Challenge”. Contact for more details.)

Click the link to visit the website – 

The R.I.C.H Society has 3 levels:

    1. The GOLD Standard Membership (Begin to Free YOUR Mind)
    2. The GPS MINDreSET ToolKit (Begin to invest in YOUR Mind)
    3. The MINDreSET 20/20 Challenge (Begin to Grow YOUR Mind)


  1. Create your own Online course

If you already know what you love and want to get paid doing it, then why not join Organic Course Selling Mastery, a programme delivered by one of our partners that shows you “HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR PASSION & EXPERTISE (YOU ALREADY HAVE) INTO A PROFITABLE ONLINE COURSE…WITHOUT PAID ADS”.

Since launching this programme last year Carl Parnell has generated over £250,000 in sales. Use this link ( to find out more.

As a R.I.C.H Society member you can receive a further 15% cashback off the normal price. Click this link for GOLD Standard membership 


  1. Join The Abundant Family Gifting Scheme


The Abundance Family, which is dedicated to supporting people achieve their dreams within a Gifting Community, takes a one time gift that you make and multiplies it 56 times back to you (£1568) within a period no longer than 6 months. 

We will be holding a special webinar on 3rd June @8pm with the founder Soraya Roberts so you can find out more (



  1. Get Yourself A Business Coach
(From Left) Business Mentor Errol Abramson, Myself & British Olympic Gold Medallist Derek Redmond

If you already have a business idea or you are a start-up and need guidance as to how to pivot or grow your business then get a business coach and we have one of the best, Errol Abramson. With over 50 years experience in business having run 47 businesses all of them successful. There are 3 ways to engage with Errol:

  1. Join the Entrepreneurs Group – Monthly or fortnightly group sessions  
  2. Join the Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group – A monthly session as part of a small group (max 10) developing your business with your peers over a 6 month period
  3. Have 1-2-1 one with Errol – Monthly 1-2-1 sessions with Errol focusing on you and your business needs


Join the Free Zoom Webinar with Special Guest Serial Entrepreneur, Billionaire

Businessman Errol Abramson to experience him in action and see if he is right for you.

To secure your once in a lifetime opportunity, and to avoid disappointment, 

we kindly advise you to book in advance as places are limited to 100 people. 

Please register here –




  1. Learn Forex Trading


Twanale Kallon & her colleague Des Amey are supporting a new R.I.C.H Society Forex Trading group since presenting Forex Trading at one of our Friday MINDreSET sessions. If you would like to find out more about Forex Trading join the Facebook group and message Twanale directly.



Forthcoming event 

Friday’s Facebook MINDreSET For Success 29th May 2020 with our guest Royston John as we discuss some of the basic principles of business, keeping it 100% real.

New Business Development – first principles


What are some of the key things to consider when starting a new business?

  • It is said that most new businesses fail within the first two years.
  • There are a number of simple factors that contribute to such a high level of failures.
  • Paying attention to these factors will give the business a good chance of survival.

Come and find out more….. (


The principle ‘80/20 Rule’ dictates that only 20% will take action.  Make sure you are one of the action takers.

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