The People You Spend Time With, Are Who You Become
Who Are You Becoming?

Now that’s an interesting question because before you can give an answer you must first have a vision of who you want to become. Sounds so simple right? But only a few people think like this.

I remember being considered a little crazy by some people 40 years ago, when I made myself intentionally homeless in pursuit of my vision of who I wanted to become. I did not have absolute clarity at the time but I was very clear about who I did not want to become based on all that I had witnessed on the council estate I lived on in Battersea, South London for 10 years plus.

In this blog I want to provide you with tips to help you become clearer about who you wish to become because when you begin to gain this level of clarity your life becomes fuelled with a power that drives your life forwards.

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6 Tips to help you define your vision of your future self and start your (GPS) Grow Personal Success journey

  1. Know what you want: With a high degree of clarity, (create a vision) then write  down what you want from Life. (If this is not clear then identify what you do not want and distance yourself as much as possible from this.) This goes for people as well as places and environments.
  2. Set an “Intention”: Intention is described as “a course of action that a person intends to follow”. This will be based on an honest “real assessment” of where you currently are, and your vision of your future self (where you are aiming towards). This however can be influenced by your desires and so you may sometimes find yourself falling off.
  3. Make a “decision”: Commit to following through on your intention. Now this is when things get serious, as a decision brings “all of you”, Mind, Body and Soul into agreement. No Excuses simply Success.
  4. Look for a Mentor or Coach: Someone who embodies who you would like to become. Once found, enquire if they will allow you to spend time around them. Unfortunately most people do not know that this access if granted is more valuable than money especially if you can elevate this relationship to Mentor or Coach status (and yes this does mean paying for their time). What most people are not aware of is that being in regular close proximity gives you access to their energy which you can begin to harmonize with your own. It literally begins to change your “being” on a deep level. I have been blessed to have had two amazing mentors/coaches in my life:  
    i. My Spiritual mentor of 40 Years Brother Ishmael Tetteh
    ii. My business mentor who ran 47 businesses in his lifetime, Errol Abramson
Bro Ishmael Tetteh
Errol Abramson
  1. Be A Student, Be Teachable: I have noticed over the last 40 years that the majority of people once they pass the age of adolescence (10-19), or educated with a degree, think that they know it all and therefore their ego gets in the way of them being open-minded to learning new things.  I met my 1st mentor when I was 18 (still in the teachable phase of my life) and through being blessed with the good fortune of being able to spend time around him I became and will always remain a student. 
  1. Practise then rinse and repeat steps 1 – 6 again and again and again.

To demonstrate this, at the beginning of this year knowing that this year was symbolic for me as I entered the 40th year of my (GPS) Grow Personal Success Journey I too followed these steps:

  1. I set a clear vision for who I wanted to become in the next 12 months.
  2. Set an intention to  take the necessary action which I intended to follow. 
  3. I made a decision in the last week of December 2021 to commit to a daily course (yes every day for 365 days) with my spiritual mentor starting 1st of January 2022.
  4. Two weeks later I made another commitment to engage with a new Business Mentor for 1 year (after the passing of Errol).  Nick James’ Expert Empires Mastermind has allowed me to access the high vibrational energy of 100’s of aspirational and collaborative people. When Nick offered 3 people the opportunity of being coached by him 1-2-1, well you know I secured that “real quick”. All in all, committing and investing 5 figures to my business growth.
  5. The Mastermind provides me with a perfect business learning environment  where I am challenged while at the same time supported. 
  6. Throughout the year I get the chance to put into practise the things I’ve learned. Watch this space! 
Nick James | CEO & Founder of EXPERT EMPIRES

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