Hi Family

How is your New year shaping up.

Have you set your intention and GPS, with your vision fixed on achieving and experiencing your best year ever throughout  2016?

This year we MUST take personal responsibility to consciously evolve and BECOME our very best.

Have you got comfortable with being uncomfortable, not entirely sure what lies ahead but your moving forward anyway – that’s the spirit that leads to SUCCESS.

 “If you want what you’ve never had before you got to be prepared to do what you’ve never done before”


Webinars on SUCCESS

Well you may have heard that a couple of weeks ago I staged my 1st Webinar How to 100% Guarantee your Success in Life, Work & Relationships as a result of some gentle persuasion from some of the GPS Graduates.

Members of the team have selected a short clip of one of the best bits. Click the link https://youtu.be/_Gh2JyWf3sM

We will be holding our second Seminar called …….. on Thursday 4th February and find out how to improve the quality of your relationships personally as well as professionally and overall improve the quality of your life.


January GPS Mentoring Program oversubscribed

Our new GPS students have recently begun their journey to define their vision of success, with some already having experienced some “Wow” moments. Make sure you reserve Saturday 2nd April in your diary for our next GPS Graduation event where you will be inspired by some of the testimonials shared.

If you would like to join the next GPS 1-2-1 Mentoring program which starts in April or our new Intro to  GPS Group Mentoring then please send an email to enrol@growpersonalsuccess.com

stating your name contact details and which course you are interested in (GPS 1-2-1 or Intro to GPS)

Remember as shared in my last blog this is a very special year. Investing in SELF is not an option it’s mandatory to ensure you get your R.I.C.H rewards  http://www.tonydada.com/2016-the-most-powerful-year-in-a-decade-embrace-your-blessing/


Forthcoming Events

Thursday 4th February at 20:00

How To Balance Male and Female Energy In Personal Relationships

In just a few weeks we have heard how 1 man took his own life as a result of his partner telling him she was in a new relationship and he feared she would not let him see their 6 children. Then on national TV we hear how another man is a suspect in the death of his partner and 2 children. Men and Women we need to talk!

Places are limited, to register click this link http://www.growpersonalsuccess.com/relationships/


March (Date and Time To Be Confirmed)

My good friend Rev Michael Beckwith from the best selling DVD and Book The Secret – Law of attraction will be traveling through Europe and London from the states in late March through to early April. I’ve spoken to his office about staging a webinar and live event for you.

If you are interested in attending either or both register your interest here



Nuff Luve

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