After a busy week last week at Europe’s largest Business Show and with less than 3 weeks to go, I am very excited about our latest project The Inspired Entrepreneurs Trust delivered by our Success Academy.

My life’s mission for over 30 years has been to learn and discover what constitutes real SUCCESS and now I am being asked to share what I have learnt.
Yes you can learn success, become empowered and live a fulfilled life.

So why have generations been put through the education system without this being taught in mainstream schools, colleges and Universities?

Our vision is to be able to offer support, training, education and investment to aspiring and growing entrepreneurs who are often marginalised. Particularly those who are;

  1. Under 35
  2. Start-ups and Business owners trading less than 3 years
  3. Black, Asian or ethnic Minority
  4. Single parent
  5. Unemployed
  6. Struggling Creative


Supported by our main partner NatWest Bank and Multi-Millionaire Simon Coulson founder of the Internet Business School, over the last 4 years we have developed a trust between us and I have managed to create a case for the focusing on marginalised groups who also aspire to be successful. I should know because at one point during my life I have belonged to each of those categories. I am excited because finally they have now agreed.


On June 17th we will be launching this initiative.  You can join as one of our 100 Founding R.I.C.H. Members and attend a private reception before the general public are admitted so that you get to meet and talk with some of the team. Becoming one of our founding members will also give you a voice in the shaping of the trust.

On the day we will be sharing how we intend to support those who are committed to their vision of success through training, education, access to funding, investment, personal & business development. It’s Nu skool education for the 21st century where you are empowered and supported as you journey along your personal roadmap to success.

There are only 100 tickets for this event and tickets are Free*. Visit for more information and to secure your ticket(s).

To sign-up immediately and become a founding R.I.C.H member and attend the private gathering visit you will also receive over £400 of bonuses. As usual with all our products, services and programmes this comes with a Money back guarantee so if you are about empowering ourselves to be able to do for self we expect to see you there.


I have diligently sought to encourage, inspire, support and invest in others, just as I have watched my mentor do for more than 3 decades. I am humbled that I  have been nominated for a National Diversity Award  (Positive Role Model Award – Race/Faith/Religion) With voting closing in just a few days please CLICK HERE if you think I am worthy of such an award.



5 pairs of tickets available to newsletter readers. (1st come 1st served).

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