In my last Blog I wrote about how we are Living In Changing Times where everything looks the same yet nothing is the same.

“Why is this important to you?” 


“If the rules of the game have just changed and you are still playing by the old rules well you’ve lost and don’t even know it!
You should be playing to win not lose.”


I’d like to share with you a couple of stories that illustrate why, because it is important that you take action, the right action and as a result of this conscious awareness position yourself so that you begin to live on purpose. As a result delivering greater impact in your business, finances or place where you give service as well as improving your mindset, relationships health and well being.


Watching Channel 4 News earlier this week (27th July) I was touched as I heard of a story about a young 17 year old who had become homeless, and a risk of descending into the clutches of county lines drug traffickers, as a result of his mother becoming seriously affected mentally during the lockdown resulting with her kicking her son out of the house. During the news piece the reporter interviewed Social Workers who said there were 100’s of stories like this where the indirect result of lockdown had devastated many lives. 


“Should we just leave things to the authorities or do we see an opportunity for us individually and
collectively to demonstrate that we are a more caring society?”


As a result of the boy meeting one of his school friends whilst he slept in the park, his friend took him to his home and his mother intervened and eventually managed to get him off the streets and into a hostel.


I can relate to this story because that could have been me 37 years ago when I was a homeless teenager. Fortunately for me meeting my spiritual mentor enabled me to develop a winner’s MINDSET through living a more conscious life.


Conscious Living, Conscious Evolution 

At the same time as these reports are being shared in the wider community, within the R.I.C.H Society we have had an amazing month where we have witnessed members offering support to people they don’t even know by way of sponsoring those who want to better their lives through developing a winner’s mindset but may not be economically sound and therefore cannot afford the full cost of the Annual Membership and our MINDreSET short course. 


This alongside our Bursary Scheme provides a level of support never seen before. Therefore if you know someone who could benefit from the online course and/or membership, this is the perfect time.  Our target is to support a minimum of 40 people before the year is out. If you know someone who you think could benefit from this short course, or who might be eligible for financial support through the sponsorship or bursary programme contact us today by sending an email to (the next course date 11th August). 


I believe in this new season post the lockdown, individually and collectively within our society we are being called to evolve through living a more consciously aware life where we think about the collective whole and not just focus on ourselves.


Through practising ‘The Secret Law Of Giving’ we demonstrate our conscious awareness of our collective connectedness, as well as activate our faith by way of a deep knowing that as you give life will also give to support your needs.


Try it with an open mind and observe. This on practise has changed my life and may do the same for yours.


Forthcoming event 

On Friday 31st July 2020 we have our RealTalk Online event with my special guest, my Spiritual Mentor Bro Ishmael Tetteh as we discuss the Secret Law of Giving and how you can use this to improve some of the basic principles of business, finances or place where you give service as well as improving your mindset, relationships health and well being.


The principle ‘80/20 Rule’ dictates that only 20% will take action. Make sure you are one of the action takers.

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