As you reflect on 2021 has it been a good year for you? To reflect on this fully you must take time out to take stock of the 5 key regions of your life which constitute your total Health & Wellbeing:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental & Emotional Health
  • Relationships
  • Service through your Business or labour in exchange for Money 
  • The Human Spirit (Spirituality)

 Did you grow throughout 2021, experience stagnation or recession?

  1. If you experienced personal growth and expansion this is great. Now is the time to measure your growth in relation to each of these key areas and begin to review how you want to continue your growth in 2022.
  2. If you experienced stagnation this is an opportunity to ask yourself some soul searching  questions. Often stagnation is born out of a lack of clarity about what you actually want, or a deep rooted sense of FEAR surrounding the work that must be done in order to Actualise what it is you want.
  3. If you experienced a recession in any or all of the 5 Key areas, rather than look at this as a slow death experience, why not view it as an opportunity to create a whole new vision more in line with your natural gifts, talents and abilities as well as what you want, based on clarity and lessons learnt from this year.

In January 2022 and throughout the year I will be running a series of workshops that will focus on how to access and experience more Abundance in your life using Universal timeless principles, some of which I have gleaned from my spiritual mentor of almost 40 years which I have tested and applied. To register for my next free 5 day challenge click the link –

Check your inbox next week for a special gift from me that will help you experience greater abundance in 2022.

Here’s a classic example of 2 ladies who on completing our last 5 day challenge decided to step up to our 90 day challenge. Watch this short clip as they express their raised vibration and new experiences as a result . If they can, so can you.  

What is essential is that you must focus on raising your vibration and keeping it raised. In my blog last December, I wrote about a huge astrology shift which took place for the first time in 20 years producing an energy shift in the atmosphere that would influence human kind. Those who were able to tune into this higher vibration by learning how to be more true and authentic to themself, open and avail themself with the opportunity of experiencing Abundance which exists only at a high vibrational frequency.

Read The full Blog Here

Unfortunately many people will not be willing to do the work and will make excuses which I totally understand because for some it literally requires a MINDreSET. However, as I have been warning since January 2013 (almost 9 years now) the new world is not coming, it is here and it’s either do what must be done to join the new world of infinite possibilities or stay in the old world which is slowly dying. The choice as always is ours.


In that blog I also wrote about the new way forward being more community based, supporting one another as opposed to relying on government and this has been clearly demonstrated by our new team of Trainee Practitioners, formed this year. They will be available in the New Year to support you, 1 on 1, as your accountability partner, coach or mentor should you feel you need this.

Here’s a link to the page to check out their profiles

As we continue to expand to support more people through Mentoring, Coaching and Impact Investing in People, we celebrate 2021 as another milestone year, our Best in 10 years in fact.

Please do write in with any feedback or suggestions as to how we may be able to better serve and support you. We are also looking to expand the team, initially looking for an  Executive PA and a Client Communications Manager so do let us know if you got what it takes and would like more info. Send a message to our Help Desk with the job title you’re interested in –


Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of the DADA Community as we travel on this incredible journey.


As the journey continues our focus is ……..


“Don’t Just Live Your Life
Prove Your Life
Live Life On Purpose”  


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