The first quarter of the year officially draws to a close today as we prepare to enter a new month and quarter.  The students on the GPS Mentoring and Coaching Program are also getting ready for their big evening on Saturday 16th April where some will be sharing their testimonies.

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This month has been an amazing month in many respects in R-world

Highlights of the Month

Trip To Antigua


This trip was an eye opener for me in many ways. It showed that women (and men too) everywhere are thinking more in terms of Entrepreneurship  and Business than a regular job. It was an honour to be one of the guest speakers from London celebrating international woman’s day as part of this 2day conference staged by Vee Roberts of InspireUrbiz.

So what problem(s) can you identify around you that once solved, would help a whole lot of people, so much so that they would happily pay you for your solution or service?

Within a week of my return to London I found myself in a meeting sharing my longstanding vision to promote Entrepreneurship and creativity in Nigeria where there are estimated to be as much as 30 million young people unemployed. The idea was well received. Watch this space……

The GETREAL Talk show – How to use Personal Relationships to tap into your Potential Power & Purpose


This show has been hailed as our best to date with special guest my spiritual mentor, Bro Ishmael Tetteh, who shared pearls of wisdom on how Nature can be used to teach us about ourselves, our lives and our relationships.

Many who attended have expressed interest in attending a 2 day workshop with Bro Ishmael and I when he arrives in the UK next month. If you would like to receive more information please register here

Also email if you would like to be considered as a special guest on one of the forthcoming episode of the GETREAL Talk Show on DADA TV.

How Can You Use Social Media to Expand Your Business?


Last week was the first time I met GPS mentee Jennifer in person, as she joined GPS through Facebook. She completed the GPS one to one mentoring program last month.

Jennifer will always be a very special GPS Graduate, because we met through a conversation involving a group of people on Facebook.

She liked a comment I made in the group. She asked what I did. We communicated some more through Facebook and then she asked to join the mentoring program. A formidable person, Jennifer is the Deputy CEO of the Southern Agriculture Growth Corridor of Tanzania. A big title for an important person, however you would never have guessed as we sat together, this beautiful soul and some of her close friends, enjoying each others company on her recent trip to London.


So the point I’m making here is that the answer to the question “How Can You Use Social Media to expand your business?” is to BE congruent in all you do.

GPS Graduate Dami Gets Internship Abroad (Nigeria)

Following on from my Nigeria discussions earlier this month, Dami a GPS graduate who I still mentor, shared with me that on graduating from her Law Degree later this year she dreamed of doing her internship in Nigeria. I said I would enquire if our new associates might be able to assist. They said perhaps and asked for her CV to be sent.  Monday evening Dami was shouting down the phone “They said yes I got my internship”.

Moral of the story the impossible can become possible once you are clear about what you want to BE, DO & Have and remain in the company of people who can support you attain this vision.

Forthcoming event

GPS Graduation 16th April 2016

Join us at our 1st live event this year. Come meet the team, the graduates, new students and find out how you can start your journey towards your vision of success.  We are sure that you will be moved by some if not all the testimonials.

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