From the beginning of the year I have been saying “this is the year of harvest”. For those who have this spiritual insight, you know this season will require a lot of work from you as we have entered a New Era, a New Time of abundance.

Knowing the beginning and the duration of the season and therefore what must be done during the season is crucial because it’s all about timing. It’s even written in The Bible (Matthew 9 verse 37).

To put my statement into context read my Blog of December 2020 (A New Day Is Dawning) where I wrote about “The Grand Conjunction” a grand astrological event that took place in December 2020, where experts in this field spoke of a huge astrological shift which was predicted to produce an energy shift in the atmosphere which would also influence human kind.

As a result of this paradigm shift and thus the beginning of a New Era I predicted that 2 paths would begin to emerge for people in 2021. Path 1 would lead to more joy, abundance, peace and happiness as a result of clarity and purposeful living. The other Path 2, would lead to more challenges around life, work, job security, peace of mind, general well being along with a lack of a sense of purpose as a result of confusion which is caused by a lack of clarity. As we move closer towards the halfway point of the year you should now have a clear sense of which path you are on. 

The Question is do you?

Here’s a short clip made by my son in 2014 when he chose his path.


If you are into numerology then you will know this also supports the notion that the year 2021 is symbolic of change. Every year carries its own vibrational frequency which is characterised by a number. In this case (2021) the number is 5 (2+0+2+1=5).

The number 5 in Numerology is one of the most interesting and dynamic of all of the cardinal numbers (the single digits 1 through 9).

The 5 possesses a strong vibrational frequency mixed with many strong characteristics, including: freedom-seeking, rebellion, adaptability, pioneering, innovation, adventure, idealism, restlessness, independence and most of all change.


Have you been feeling an increase in any of these emotions this year (Energy-in MOTION)?

The 5 possess a mix of masculine and feminine energy traits, but is normally found to hold a stronger feminine side with many daring attributes emanating an energy of unpredictability, always being in motion and craving change.

So with all this said the question for you is
“Have you prepared yourself and are you ready for the work that this change requires of you?” 

It is important to know that this change will bring huge opportunities for growth and abundance in almost every business sector as well as personally. This awareness is why I invested heavily in Cryptocurrency at the start of the year and suggested that members of our emerging “Wealth and Abundance Club” do the same. Gains in excess of 100% return on investments have already been experienced.


So How do I prepare for these huge opportunities you may ask? 

Since January 2013 my Mantra has been “everything looks the same but nothing is the same” and boy did we see this last year. To thrive in this new area requires a MINDreSET a fresh approach towards the way you think about you and the world you live in. I call this “Conscious Awareness”.  

Conscious Awareness requires one to go on a journey of self discovery. On this journey towards self discovery you will be required to heal old wounds because “you cannot experience sustained growth and abundance without starting the healing process first”. This is Spiritual Law.

So now you may understand why on the 1st of February 2020 I staged my first MINDreSET workshop in partnership with Middlesex University. Many have asked if I was mentally preparing people for the COVID attack that would hit just a few weeks later. Well let’s look at the results, some who attended that event had their best year ever. 


Introducing – the (GPS) Grow Personal Success Thinking System incorporating the 5 Pillars Of Success 

Every week for the next 5 months (notice that number 5 again) I will be focusing on one of 5 “pillars of success” which underpins your life. 

These 5 pillars of success form part of my (GPS) Grow Personal Success Thinking System which focuses on how you think towards your:

  • Finances, Business and Money 
  • Relationships with others as well as your relationship with self
  • Mental and emotional state
  • Health and Wellbeing 
  • Spirituality: The non physical aspect of you which is governed by your core beliefs and emotions

With special guests dropping in to share insights from their chosen field, learn how you can embrace, experience and benefit from an expanded conscious awareness, but remember

You cannot experience Abundance and Growth Until You Have begun to Heal First 

If you would like to learn more about the MINDreSET course starting June 8th (monthly thereafter) click this link below to register for the next workshop on June 17th > MINDreSET For Winners Workshop

Forthcoming Events

4th June: Paul Elliot – Celebrating The Life of our Business Mentor Errol Abramson (The Billionaire Who Cared)


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Book Study Club with Bro Ishmael – June 5th @9am

Our next Book Study Club will begin on 5th June 2021. We will be studying the book ‘The Way Forward – Practices for Empowered Living’ by Bro Ishmael Tetteh.  It is a practical radical and innovative new way of thinking, living and being, for total harmony with oneself and with life.

You can join us as an Attendee or as a Panelist.  Details can be found here:

We are pleased to announce that we will have Bro Ishmael in attendance at the Book Study Club. As this will be a Special Book Study Club with the Author an additional fee will be incurred, £97 for Attendees and Panelists. After registering for the Book Study Club please go to: to book your place with Bro Ishmael.

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