This is one of the most challenging times that many of us have ever experienced in our lifetime and no one seems to be unaffected. We are all being challenged Mentally, Emotionally Spiritually, Financially and Socially.  We are working hard … Read More

From Passion2Purpose2Profitable Business

 MINDreSET  Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs Conference  Including the launch of the “MINDreSET & 20/20 Challenge” Every year comes with its own vibrational frequency and so rather than setting goals at the beginning of the year, instead I begin the year … Read More

Business & Entrepreneurship Success in the 21st Century

In my next blog (part 2 of this conversation) we will begin to look at some of the possible solutions and how we as individuals must adapt redefining education, as well as redefining what success is on a personal and … Read More

Business & Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century – A Conscious Revolution

Earlier this month I delivered my 1st talk at a University, Middlesex University to be precise as part of the 1st ever Future Leaders Festival. I spoke on cultivating “A Winners Mindset”. The same day I had a very insightful meeting … Read More

Calling All Future Leaders

First Ever Future Leaders Festival     This month we are on the verge of one of the biggest events to hit this country in decades as we prepare to crash out of the EU. Every business large or small, … Read More

THE JOURNEY – The Power of Holistic Coaching & Mentorship

Friday August 30th will forever be a day that’s edged in my heart & soul.   It was the evening of my birthday dinner & celebration of life gathering that was originally planned as an intimate dinner affair for approximately … Read More

Actualising Your Vision For Your Business

Just over 2 weeks ago I returned from an impromptu trip to Chicago as recommended by my Business Mentor Errol Abramson, where I attended the “Rain Maker Summit” delivered by Powerteam International CEO Bill Walsh, a serial entrepreneur who just … Read More

Calling All Entrepreneurs

After last month’s successful events with my spiritual mentor (Bro Ishmael Tetteh at The Mind, Body & Soul Conference). Click the image below to view a snippet of The Mind, Body & Soul Conference on our DADA TV Youtube Channel. … Read More

Probably The Most Important Event I Have Staged In 27 Years

If you were not at the recent Mind, Body & Soul Conference then you missed what was for many, one of the most inspirational events we have put on to date. As well as inspirational  it was symbolic on a … Read More

From A Dream to Reality

During Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I have a Dream’ speech on 28th August 1963, not many people realised in that moment he was performing Magic in front of millions and nobody saw it.   You see, yes he had a … Read More