Earlier this month I delivered my 1st talk at a University, Middlesex University to be precise as part of the 1st ever Future Leaders Festival. I spoke on cultivating “A Winners Mindset”.

The same day I had a very insightful meeting with Dr Simon Best who is the Senior Programme Leader of the Enterprise Development Hub (EDH) a branch of the Business School at the University, organised by the People Leaders network (PLN).


What follows is an interesting conversation between us, two kindred spirits with similar ideas about entrepreneurship although coming from very different backgrounds. As you read notice the many similarities you will come across which are in line with views expressed in my book, The GPS System – 7 Universal Principles for Growing Personal Success.

Dr Simon Best has been in academia for roughly 10 years but has run his own business, which means he has practical experience. Although working within education he is evangelical about his vision of the future in terms of  how we equip and prepare ourselves to do business in the years ahead, as his views challenge current teaching methods within the Business School.


Dr Simon Best – Senior Lecturer in Management Middlesex University

Inquiring about the Business School at the University Simon told me “At the University we hardly, if ever, use the word Entrepreneur because in our view such a person as an entrepreneur does not exist, instead we focus on entrepreneurship as a “mindset” from which certain behaviours emanate enabling one to act entrepreneurially wherever and in any circumstance.


Entrepreneurship is not just about developing a mindset, but moreover about developing the character of the individual.


Here at Middlesex University we look at Character development from an educational perspective in terms of how do we stimulate people to be able to respond to the changes that are coming.


We are now experiencing the fourth-industrial revolution, however, if we explore the first industrial revolution, it had a profound effect on people’s lives, moving people from agriculture to machinery operated inside the brick box. Whereas, the second and third revolution had less of an impact because the changes were made whilst still inside that brick box.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution has taken people out of the brick box.” To give it context he went on to explain. “The world’s biggest media supplier writes no copy, the world’s biggest hotel chain has no beds, the worlds logistics company has no vehicles (Who has these vehicles?).


Society has made people into the supplier, employer, the employee, and the consumer all at the same time – there is nothing in place to deal with these problems on an educational level. As a result we’re still churning kids out for the factory, but the factory is not there anymore.


So what’s in store for all of us but particularly those who are currently coming out of the educational system because what is becoming increasingly clear is that the education system in its current form is designed to produce very shallow thinking.


In my next blog (part 2 of this conversation) we will begin to look at some of the possible solutions and how we as individuals must adapt redefining education, as well as redefining what success is on a personal, social and business level.


If you want to develop the “Entrepreneurial Mindset” start thinking like a visionary, begin to stimulate and develop your creativity through your curiosity, because there are job roles, titles and business models coming towards us that we currently have no comprehension of.


Start thinking about what kind of problems would you like to solve. Do you have a vision of your future?  What does success mean to you and is that vision based on understanding your gifts, talents and abilities and how you would like to put them to use to solve problems? Or is your vision simply based on instructions given to you by someone (parent(s), family members, friends, teachers) that you are simply following as instructed.


In the new year of 2020 together with PLN and the EDH we will be staging a series of exciting 1 day events at Middlesex University for those who aspire to be future successful Business Leaders developing the Entrepreneur’s Mindset.


This event is ideal for graduates, employees wanting to start their own business and those new to the world of business.


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