We are living in a New Era with New Rules and Infinite Possibilities but the majority of people can’t see this and so will sleep-walk into a living Nightmare unless they embrace the change that comes with this new era. 

This is the vision and mission of The DADA Success Academy A New School for a New Era “Empowering people to live fulfilled Lives”.

Back in May 2004 I had an amazing opportunity to perform on stage as part of what was then the biggest Urban Music Festival in The UK organised by The Prince’s Trust in front of an audience of thousands . The Headline Acts were Jay-Z and Beyonce and here I was performing a track from my album “Bring The Family Back” which featured popular artists such as  Roachford and Tippa Irie. How did this happen? 
The events leading up to this event were many but I can sum it up with these words


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This story is the backdrop to another amazing story. You see my Grand vision was that I wanted to help young creative people through my Not For Profit Organisation and had a vision of including formal education to our curriculum but had no experience. I sensed that “Education” was part of the jigsaw puzzle. As if by “The Laws Of Attraction” in less than 12 months I was approached by one of the biggest colleges in South London and asked if I could help them. In hindsight the deal was that they wanted to secure a half a million contract which was part of a £250 million pound Government National Education Programme and they needed a creative person who did not think like traditional teachers in education to help them secure the half a million. Seeing what we were doing with my Not for Profit they thought I could help them.

I said yes to the opportunity and was virtually given the role where I became head of a music department at a college in London with no previous experience or qualifications and part of this National Network of 400 colleges. How?

I use both these stories to demonstrate the formula in action in my life. Now it’s your turn.  

Do You have a Grand Vision? If not, would you like to know how to create one that will forever guide you on the narrow path of Success and enable you to live The Boss Life?

Here are my 5 Tips to creating A Grand Vision so that you can live The Boss Life.

  1. Create a “Grand Vision” this is a vision that encompasses what you truly “LOVE”  which ultimately keys into your purpose and passion. What is it that you would love to do if you didn’t have to think about money and paying bills? This is a tough one for most people.  
  1.  Now add Faith In Action which consists of:
    • Identifying your PASSION: The things that you feel so strongly they are worth fighting for. This ties into your core values and belief system.
    • Discovering your PURPOSE: What’s your “Why”? Why are you so passionate about realising this grand vision?
    • Passion and Purpose will reveal your MISSION: The hard work which you are happy to embrace which results in some form of Action. I cannot overemphasise this point. However small the step “action” must be taken! 

      In summary Faith in action results in this equation which is a Universal Law


  1. Establish Order: When you begin to see and understand how the money will start coming in you must bring order into the equation which requires discipline. Doing the right thing at the wrong time is out of order and will never bring the desired result.
  2. Create Structure: As the Boss finally you must create the structure and framework within which you will operate. This may be a Sole Trader, Not For Profit Company, Limited Company or Partnership. The beauty here is you get to decide.
  3. Commit to your Grand vision: Work Hard. 

This will result in you growing and becoming the Boss of Your Life. Living your true and authentic life on your terms Financially free, Time free and ultimately Location free.

So if you want to Be The Boss of your Life now that you know what it takes, why not join me on 15th and 16th September where you can learn from those who are living the Boss Life and who want to empower you so that you can begin or continue on your journey of Success.

Tickets are currently priced at £300 per ticket. We have a special rate in place (£210 per ticket), however there are less than 100 of the 600 tickets left. Take action and secure your ticket today using this link

You can find details of the event here: https://seriouslyfunbusiness.clickfunnels.com/eetickets55072157

In next month’s blog (part 2) I will share another incredible story of how a private meeting held in 2006 with the then “Head Of Apple UK” seeded me with the idea of the DADA Success Academy.

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