In my next blog (part 2 of this conversation) we will begin to look at some of the possible solutions and how we as individuals must adapt redefining education, as well as redefining what success is on a personal and social level.

If you want to develop the “Entrepreneurial Mindset” start thinking like a visionary, begin to stimulate and develop your creativity through your curiosity, because there are job roles, titles and business models coming towards us that we currently have no comprehension of. 

Start thinking about what kind of problems would you like to solve. Do you have a vision of your future?  What does success mean to you and is that vision based on understanding your gifts, talents and abilities and how you would like to put them to use to solve problems? Or is your vision simply based on instructions given to you by someone (parent(s), family members, friends, teachers) that you are simply following as instructed.


Redefining Success in the 20th Century

February the 1st 2020 will see our very 1ss 1 day workshop held at Middlesex University together with PLN and the EDH for those who want to learn how to manifest their 2020 vision who aspire to be future successful Business Leaders developing the Entrepreneur’s Mindset.

These events are ideal for graduates, professionals, start-up entrepreneurs, Business Leaders as well as directors.  Register your details here to be kept informed. 


Forthcoming Events – Visit for full details


  • The Winners Mindset – Growing your vision of Success in 2020 Saturday 1st February 2020 To be held at Middlesex University 


  • Business & Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century Visionaries & Future Leaders Conference  – Saturday 29 February 2020 To be held at Middlesex University 
    • Tickets from £15 (Early Bird £10 only 100 available) Free for members £1 Trial Members Club for 30 days FOR JUST £1 and 



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