In this blog (part 2) I wanted to share the story about how a private meeting held in 2006 with the then “Head Of Apple UK” planted a seed of an idea which today is The DADA Success Academy, where we “Empower People To Live Fulfilled Lives”.

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Back In 2005 I found myself the head of a music centre in one of South London’s biggest colleges even though I had no formal teaching qualification. I mention this because this was when I realised the true value of the “creative mind” which we all possess. The college needed someone to think differently from their traditional way of thinking. A person who could demonstrat to their stakeholders that they were a college with a strong music department in order to receive the full £500,000 funding on the table. I had 6 months to prove the case and I was eager to rise to the challenge.

One of the first things I noticed was how many Apple Mac workstations the college had (these were the in thing at the time) and Apple were trying to secure the purchase of even more equipment by the college so I asked if they had ever talked to Apple about sponsorship. They said that such a thing was impossible.

The creative solution I arrived at was pretty dope if I say so myself.  Having enjoyed taking part in the Urban Music Festival the year previous (2004) The Princes Trust were planning to repeat the event again in 2005 and my not for profit Organisation Urban Voice UK was already involved. I decided to see if I could leverage this relationship in order to enable the college to take part as well as Apple who were not able to approach the main sponsors Nokia directly.

My vision was a section at the 2 day festival sponsored by Apple where they provided 10-15 of Apple Mac workstations along with Apple staff supporting and talking to members of the public about their products. I pulled it off, it worked and all the stakeholders were happy. The Princes Trust, Nokia, The College, members of the public and of course Apple who were able to gain a substantial presence at the event where previously they had no chance to access.

The biggest highpoint for me however was being invited to have a private 1-2-1 meeting with the then Head of Apple UK. It was at this meeting that I learnt of the skills gap between what employers were looking for in terms of motivated, inspired, hungry graduates and the sad reality they often found themselves faced with.

This is where the idea for the DADA Academy was birthed and planted in my mind because during our meeting he asked me a profound question; 

If 2 people came to me for a job, one had a fairly good degree in computing and the other had no degree but was passionate about computers and could demonstrate this through knowledge and practicality, who do you think I would give the job to?”. I naturally replied “To the Degree student”. He smiled and said; “No. To the person who was most passionate.” There was silence for a moment whilst he let me fully digest what he had just said.

Whist I sat in the chauffeur driven vehicle Apple had arranged to take me back to the college, I couldn’t stop thinking if people could identify what they loved and were passionate about it, then find a way to package this as a service to others it would be a game changer for tens of thousands of people who might not prefer the academic route.

One of our specialisms at The DADA Success Academy is to help aspiring entrepreneurs identify their PASSION, then CREATE a VISION with GOALS to bring that vision to life as a product or service.

This is done through the following three phases:

Phase 1: Identifying Gifts, Talents and Abilities (Holistic/Healing)
Phase 2: Package these Gifts and Talents into a product or service using the right business structure or model (Packaging)
Phase 3: Bring the created product/service to others in the community or marketplace (Sales/Marketing/Monetisation)

Here are my 8 tips so that once having created the Grand Vision you can live and sustain The BOSS LIfeStyle: 

  1. Find your Passion (the thing you Love to do)
  2. Develop it to a very high standard 
  3. Learn how to Package it and release it as a service
  4. Live within your means 
  5. Take the MINDreSET 30 DAY or 90 DAY Challenge so that you can create your unique “Life Book” which contains your grand vision so you can regularly review
  6. Treat your Money and Finances like your workforce for that’s what they are. So you put your money into assets and investments and live of the interest they generate
  7. Invest in a Holistic mentor/coach who covers each of the 5 key areas of your life. If you want to get super deep, get a coach for each of the 5 areas. People do not realise that a mentor actually adds years to your life
  8. Create your own “Soul Family”. This is made up of people who share your morals, values,and outlook on life. No man is an Island
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