In this New Era, since COVID-19, not only is the world a very different place but there are 3 distinct areas that have seen a massive shift, change and transformation and these areas are Business, MONEY & You.

During the month of February in our weekly Friday’s MINDreSET Live on Facebook we have been focusing on these themes.

The first thing to mention is that in the old era the order within which we set our focus and intention was focusing first on the BUSINESS of making MONEY so that YOU would then be happy.

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However in the New Era if you wish to be SUCCESSFUL this order needs to be reversed. First there must be a focus on YOU, your dreams, visions and desires that will translate into a life of purpose and fulfilment. Only then can the most exciting adventure of your life can truly begin.


Once this is clearly formed in your mind then the focus moves to what must be done in order to actualise the things you wish to manifest and it is this pursuit that you become preoccupied with until eventually it evolves into your BUSINESS.

Take Alegna who joined The MINDreSET 14 day course towards the end of last year because she was looking for clarity and purpose. Within a few weeks she began to get greater clarity, this created the desire to enrol on the 12 week (GPS) Holistic Mentoring & Coaching Programme. Within 6 weeks she had ditched the business idea she had been planning and developing for the last year because during her 5th session she had a eureka moment as she identified her true passion. Not only that but found an opportunity immediately that would allow her to test and prove her new theory.

Join me on Friday 26th when Alegna will share how her love for helping people has birthed ‘The Buddying Project’ where people are matched with another person of similar ilk so as to support each other and aid accountability.


BitCoin The New MONEY
When you have found your passion and discovered your business, waking up every day doing what you love, now that’s when life takes on a whole new meaning because you start to attract money.

Notice I did not say make money, because money is energy in this New Era you have to attract it to keep it.

Join me this Friday at the slightly later time of 8.30pm where my special guest will be Chris Coney my Cryptocurrency go to guy who in 2017 supported my learning of BitCoin, the blockchain and Cryptocurrency. You do not want to miss this evening where we will prove to you how the world of MONEY has changed completely, yet many people do not understand what is going on or how to participate. When we did a 1 day seminar in 2018 people flew in from as far afield as the USA, yet not one person from my community thought it worth wild to attend. Invest the time and learn about cryptocurrency and his forthcoming FREE online course that will demystify and explain in simple terms the MONEY REVOLUTION taking place.



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Friday 19th @8:30pm – The BUSINESS Of Understanding The MONEY Revolution.

Did you know that Elon Musk, reportedly the world’s richest man, recently bought a load of bitcoin and why he made this move? If you have not taken seriously the money revolution taking place in the form of cryptocurrency right now then you may, in my opinion, miss what will be referred to in the future as “the biggest transfer of wealth in human history”. Join me as I interview Chris Coney who introduced, supported and guided my learning into cryptocurrency back in 2017. That same year he made 10x his normal annual salary and I made significant gains as well. Two Questions, who is guiding and teaching you? Are you ready to be a student?

Join us and find out about his new FREE course that will teach you the basics so you become empowered. Make this a date.


Friday 26th – How To Make Money From The Business Of Doing Simply What YOU LOVE

Imagine waking up every day doing nothing other than what you love and are passionate about and then getting paid for doing it as well. Well I have been blessed to have had this experience for almost 3 decades.

Join me to learn the steps that will enable anyone who is truly desirous to create this LIFESTYLE.


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