After last month’s successful events with my spiritual mentor (Bro Ishmael Tetteh at The Mind, Body & Soul Conference).

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I’ve just been invited to Chicago for a 3 day Mastermind with my Billionaire Business Guru & Mentor Errol Abramson. Over the 3 days attendees will get the chance to develop their business vision for the next 2 years and learn about Errol’s vision of a global community of 100 Million Entrepreneurs.


Just like when my Spiritual Mentor Bro Ishmael gave me copies of The Secret – The Law of Attraction to share in the UK back in 2006, which has since become a global phenomenon, even though many who were first introduced to the idea didn’t get it. In the same way I believe in a few years from now Errol will have some traction with his vision.

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The Rainmaker Summit dates are Fri 26th, Sat 27th & Sun 28th July 2019 and is for a handful of visionaries from the UK who want to change the world by being part of a global community of 100 Million entrepreneurs. He has given me a handful of subsidised tickets for those who would like to join us in Chicago. Here is his message to you.

Hope you can join us – CLICK HERE if you would like to be contacted for more information.

Errol is partnering with one of his mentees, Bill Walsh, from 30 years previous, who is now teaching entrepreneurship in over 30 countries. Together they plan to move ever closer to Errol’s vision of a global entrepreneurs community of 100 Million with plans to expand to the UK later this year and then across Europe and as far as Africa.

Here’s a message from Bill Walsh – Click the image below

I know its very short notice, I was only informed only last Friday but don’t despair we will be planning a 1-Day Workshop on my return where I will be sharing some of the gems and nuggets I find as well as share more info on our monthly Business sessions and workshops, plus how you can become one of our facilitators. If you would be interested in attending the Rainmaker Summit and would like more information please Register Here.

If you would be interested in attending the 1-Day Workshop in London please Register Here


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