One of the R.I.C.H 100

Inspired Action In my last blog (click the link) I wrote about 2017 being the year of inspired action based on us figuring out where we want to go in 2017. Well, have you figured it out yet? And as a … Read More

The Day I Ran Into A Multimillionaire With A Billionaire Mentor

Exactly 7 days ago I woke up ready to start my 3 day Business training at the Sage Business School. I had booked myself on to the course, which was priced at £1,750 having visualised the achieving of two main … Read More

Free GPS Awards Tickets, A GPS Baby and 4 GPS Marriages

The GPS Programme only began to take shape in September of 2013 and since then over 60 people have been through the 1-2-1 FastTrack Programme. I am truly humbled that so many would entrust me with the responsibility of supporting … Read More

Wealth Planning, Event Planning and Awareness Planning

Generational Wealth Planning, Are you? – Event Review The recent event on Friday 19th August, which focused on Money Mind-Set, Financial Awareness and Generational Wealth Planning was one of the most informative events I have attended in ages (and I … Read More

The Power Of The Number 9 Year Continues

Just under 2 weeks ago we had what I can only describe as the most powerful GPS graduation to date. With almost 101 guests, 10 small business traders and 10 GPS graduates, sharing some amazing stories of personal development and … Read More

4 Snack Size Relationship Tip Videos from Last Week’s Episode of DADA TV

It’s a new month and what an amazing 2 months we’ve had so far in 2016. We are on course to experience our best year ever. How about you? If you’ve got some catching up to do, we invite you … Read More

2016: The Most Powerful Year In A Decade – Embrace Your Blessing

Happy new year family I am so excited to be connecting with you through this, our first newsletter of 2016. “Everyone lives but not everyone has mastered the art of living” My spiritual mentor from Africa 1st taught me about … Read More

Business Success Navigated by GPS Narrated by Award Winner Sheila Diete-Spiff

Edited by Jilo Katter of Written Well© Director of Active Reactions, Sheila Diete-Spiff, narrates her journey from cash-flow novice to Dementia Activity Provider in 6 months with the help of the GPS Mentoring & Coaching Programme: To start a business … Read More

Full Event Review – GPS Awards 2015

If I told you that the traffic around Bishopsgate in Central London was heavy one Friday evening, you’d think that to be some typical and rather uninteresting news. On this particular evening though, ominously Friday the 13th of November, the … Read More

Event Review – The GPS Awards 2015: A Nominees Experience by Felli Uhssi

On Friday 13th November 2015, I had the pleasure to attend the GPS (Grow Personal Success) Awards as a nominee at the RBS headquarters in East London. It was an honour to have the opportunity to celebrate my achievements. I … Read More