GPS Awards Empowers 30 Young People to Improve Their Quality of Life Through Work

The current generation of young people are the first generation for decades that are likely to be worse off than their parents. And they know it. Since the end of World War 2 every generation has enjoyed greater prosperity than … Read More

They Laughed At My Idea But I Did It Anyway

Years before X-Factor came to our screens I approached Britain’s biggest black newspaper and Britain’s biggest black radio station to pitch the concept of a national talent competition. I invited them to collaborate with me on my dream to empower … Read More

Bluechip Company Sodexo Becomes A Sponsor Of The GPS Awards 2015

I am proud to announce that global giant Sodexo has just joined us as a sponsor for the 2015 GPS Awards which takes place this Friday evening. If you haven’t heard of Sodexo they are the 18th largest employer on the … Read More