E.D.I & The Mind-re-Set Programme

It’s almost a month since we had our special day with Billionaire Entrepreneur Errol Abramson and sports legend Derek Redmond and what a special day it was.   Here’s just some of the highlights and takeaways people gained       I am … Read More

So Why Am I Promoting a Billionaire – Surely He’s Rich Enough Already?

Members of my team were surprised when they saw me take my own money to promote this weekend’s event and people have been asking me; “Why are you so keen on collaborating with Errol at his first ever Entrepreneurial Development … Read More

Investment and Support for Social Entrepreneurs

It has been a hard, challenging and sometimes painful journey over the last 27 years holding on to a vision that, all too often it seemed no one else around me could see, let alone demonstrate as a “Social Entrepreneur”.  … Read More

DADA~R.I.C.H Society

DADA~R.I.C.H Society We want this publication to be a place for us to showcase our work, get inspired and keep ourselves abreast of each others upward trajectory. Dear Family, Welcome to our first R.I.C.H Society Quarterly Newsletter. We are tickled pink … Read More

Celebrating 35 Years – On A Mission

A few months ago, we held our very 1st Discovery Day for people who are seeking to become better versions of themselves. The day was split into 3 sessions: Those who wanted to learn about the Grow Personal Success Holistic … Read More

Update: January to April 2018

I hope you have all had a productive and impactful first quarter. The world around us seems to be erupting in all directions, from political/social scandals among the social elites to tragedies that rock our fragile communities to the passing … Read More

Conscious, Creative & Achievement Driven Collaborations

The 1st quarter of the year is drawing to a close. How has the year been for you so far? Is it panning out how you predicted? For me 2018 seems like a re-run of 2017 which turned out to … Read More

How Determined Are You To Be The BEST Version Of YOU In 2018?

“If you want to have something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done before.” 35 years ago this month I made myself intentionally homeless as I was determined to not only change my life, but … Read More

2018 – The Year of Strategic Collaborations

As I read through my 1st blog of 2017 – boy was it a strong indicator for what was to take place over the 12 months. I wrote about 2017 being the year of Inspired Action (action inspired by the heart 1st and then … Read More

The Fruits Of A R.I.C.H Life…

The world has changed and is evolving as things are unfolding. The story you’re about to read shows wherever you are on the planet, however you choose to show-up in the world and the impact you make in someones life … Read More