“Change can be scary but you know what’s scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving and progressing”
– Mandy Hale

1625966At the beginning of the year I wrote about this being a year of significant change and boy there has been so many shifts both at home in the UK and all around the world.

You can read this blog here:
2016: The Most Powerful Year In A Decade
– Embrace Your Blessing

However as I stated in that article, this season maybe somewhat turbulent and scary, but not for those who are clear of their purpose and reason for being.

Earlier this month in response to the recent shootings of black men in America one of my Facebook posts went semi-viral.

What was most surprising was that it caused a mature Caucasian woman called Pat to post a video were she shared how my post had caused her to reflect more deeply and helped her wake up to her own racial prejudice. Wow.

This season is the time for all of us to get even clearer about this life we are living. We should seek to find, define and refine our vision of personal as well as collective success.

It’s an opportunity to seek out a problem that only you can solve. By solving it you’re adding value to life.

The world needs positive change-makers more than ever before.

I would like to encourage you during these turbulent times to hold onto your vision of a better world and if you don’t have a vision get one quick because in one of my favourite books it says “Through lack of vision a people perish”.

Now more than ever before we need to invest in ourselves by digging deep to discover the many jewels and treasures that lay untapped as we evolve into a more Conscious Humanity.

Find then Grow your vision of Personal Success

GPS Graduation Event Review – July 2016



Earlier this month we had our 2nd GPS LIVE Graduation Event of 2016 and it was another inspiring event.

Our GPS graduates shared some amazing stories of personal development and transformation.

Here are some of the highlights from the testimonials from the GPS Class of April 2016.

The New GPS Programme Has Just Begun

There are just 2 places available on the GPS Fast-Track Programme.

This is a special opportunity as you will also benefit from an invite for you and a guest to attend an exclusive event providing insights into financial awareness, wealth planning and how to replace a Poverty Mindset with a Prosperity Mindset.

You will also have an special graduation as we intend to merge the next graduation with this years GPS Awards, schedule for November.

If you want to experience a better quality of life in just 90 days and are ready to start next week then email glenys@growpersonalsuccess.com

You could be eligible for as much as 70% discount if you qualify for our bursary scheme.

Launch of GPS Group Coaching Pilot

We are almost ready to launch our Pilot of the GPS Online Group Coaching Programme with a special introductory offer.

If you’d like to watch the replay of our recently webinar which gives you a great overview of the programme you can do so here:


If you sign up for the programme before the 8th of August and enter the coupon code ‘pilot’ you will unlock an 80% discount.

Forthcoming Events



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