A single vision has the power to change the trajectory of your whole life if you catch it with your mind then incubate it and nurture it through a “Wise Mind” until you manifest it as a reality…. I should know as my life has been impacted by quite a few.

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Pictured Left to Right (Natty & Tony)

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Pictured Left to Right (Natty & Tony)

Allow me to illustrate with one very important example.

10 Years ago I shared with my Spiritual mentor a vision, little did I know the effect that nurturing this vision would have on my life. 

 That vision came to me during a period of stillness. It was the first time in my life that I stopped being “BUSY DOING STUFF”. For a few months I focused on nothing else other than repeatedly asking myself the question, “What’s my Purpose?”

The vision I captured was an image of a small group of people with me (none of whom I recognised). We were sharing some of the teachings I had learnt from life and from my mentor Bro Ishmael about Spirituality, Universal Laws, Principles of Success and how these positively impact one’s life when we become more consciously aware.  

I was a little apprehensive as to sharing the vision with him and how he might interpret it as it was a clear departure from the traditional way he had done things, but to my pleasant surprise he fully embraced the vision. 

Fast forward 10 years to 2022 and I recently had an epiphany. Earlier this month we held our Introduction Session for people who had enrolled onto the MINDreSET 90 Day Challenge Programme and a few people voiced that they had joined the course because they wanted some or all of the following:

  1. To move from procrastinating to manifesting 
  2. Heal from past mental and emotional wounds (in truth it is impossible to experience abundance without beginning the healing process)
  3. Create and grow a clear personal vision of success that produced an abundant life
  4. Share this abundant new life by serving, supporting, investing in others by way of coaching, mentoring or acting as a practitioner

Then the penny dropped. The vision I saw 10 years ago was now my reality. The people who joined the 90 Day Challenge had just described my vision from 10 years ago. How did this happen and what tips can I offer you who want to manifest something far bigger than what’s in your current reality?

Here’s How You Can Manifest Your Vision through a Wise Mind

  • [Step 1] Create, capture or open your mind to a “Big Vision” that may currently seem Impossible. As my Business mentor, who amassed a fortune, once told me “The MIND is like a parachute, it works best when it is open.”
  • [Step 2] Visioning is a right brain process. Always start with the “Right Mind” in your desire to manifest. This is contrary to what we are taught through the education system in the west.
  • [Step 3] Now involve the left brain. Once a clear vision is established pass the vision to the left brain which will strategise the necessary action steps required to begin to bring this vision to fruition.
  • [Step 4] Take action. You must move and execute the steps to be taken.  
  • [Step 5] Cultivate the “Wise Mind”. Learn the difference in function between the “right brain” (creativity, emotion, visualisation) and the “left brain” (logic, goal setting, linear in approach). The “wise mind” is the thinking process which is the synthesis between the two.
  • [Step 6] Nurture your vision. Just like a pregnant woman nurtures her unborn child feeding it with the very best nutrients, thoughts and energy, so must you be consumed with your vision 24/7. No matter what you are doing you are always “Mindful” of the vision you are carrying.
  • [Step 7] Eventually you will give life to your vision. If you stay faithful, clear and work at your vision eventually it will come to life and manifest into the physical where you now get to share and receive support from others who see the vision. However it is critically important that you choose wisely those whom you share your vision with and allow to enter your circle to offer support.

If you are looking for your purpose or you believe your purpose is linked to a vision of you serving others as a coach or mentor and want to develop your Wise Mind, register your interest here (https://www.dadasuccessacademy.com/dada) and I or one of our practitioners will give you a call to discuss how we may be able to help you. Through our DADA Success Academy we are bringing together specialist coaches, mentors and practitioners who can aid you in moving from procrastinating to manifesting your vision of personal success. 

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