Members of my team were surprised when they saw me take my own money to promote this weekend’s event and people have been asking me;
“Why are you so keen on collaborating with Errol at his first ever Entrepreneurial Development Institute event”.

To understand why, you would need to get to know the man as I have over the last 3 months. Believe me when I say;
“It has got nothing to do with Money!”.

Here are just few reasons why:

1) Throughout my adult life over (27 years) as an investor in people I have always stated that MONEY IS THE LAST THING YOU NEED to start a business and people have always looked at me perplexed when I have said this. Working with Errol has provided me with the best example to date to prove this Universal Law, which I will share during the day.

2) Errol contacted me some 3 months ago and we began communicating by email. Now we have weekly meetings – which were born out of Errol’s desire to 1) share his vision and 2) coach me for business. To my surprise he then invited me to share the stage with him at this his 1st ever event.

3) There are only 2208 Billionaires on the planet and I bet that none of the other 2207 started out life as an orphan in their early teenage years. This is my biggest “why” and why I call him “the Billionaire who cares” – because he understands the struggles of ordinary people. He once had life so very tough and wants to empower you through teaching you how to become INDEPENDENT & how to create YOUR OWN LIFESTYLE.


4) My blessings continue as I am one of only 40 people he currently mentors directly and part of only a handful he mentors weekly as my business mentor as I plan the return of PROJECT TALENT, a platform I developed and launched back in 2007 to the tune of almost £100,000 to help the careers of UK music artists, most famously JLS who went on to gross £20 million.

The return of PROJECT TALENT will support, train, develop and invest in aspiring and growing Talented Entrepreneurs particularly those who are Conscious creatives and Social Entrepreneurs. Errol, along with NatWest Bank, are just some who have already expressed an interest in the pilot project of no more than 100 participants. We want to support others who want to create a better world though what their business does.

5) Errol is developing a business model that seeks to build a supportive community for entrepreneurs around the world starting in the UK as early as next year. What is very exciting is that Errol understands that not everyone is at the stage where they have a business idea ready to implement and so he is designing his model with a Ready Made Business available for you to plug straight into that will enable you to earn whilst you travel sharing and teaching others how they can become INDEPENDENT and create their own LIFESTYLE.

Now if those reasons are not strong enough for you to clear your diary and come spend the day with us then this event isn’t probably right for you.

Remember: In order to have what you’ve never had before you’ve got to do things you’ve never done before.

When was the last time you had the opportunity to spend a day with not 1 but 2 great achieving men and get an insight into how their mind works?

Visit to book your ticket now!

Ps: Scholarship tickets have all gone now but we do have a limited number of tickets at 33% off, subject to availability.
Please use code: PROMO101 at the checkout.

Bring you friend, business partner or associate and your children too. See you on Saturday.

Pps: If you would like to promote your business or company at the event a stand has become available.
We are also looking for volunteers to assist with the event. Please send an email to stating your interest.
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