“If you want to have something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done before.”

35 years ago this month I made myself intentionally homeless as I was determined to not only change my life, but to also prove my life had value and meaning to me as well as others.

Within 6 months of taking that huge step in faith I met a man who became my teacher and mentor and he still is to this day.

What I soon realised was that although he was supposedly from Africa, a 3rd World country, he taught me things that were not taught in my school here in London. Things like Developing a Values System, Independent Thinking as well as Understanding the Importance of Creativity.

For almost 35 years in my own small way I have been championing these ideas to anyone who would listen as well as through my not-for-profit organisation and businesses. You could say I am on a mission.

Finally, people with influence are beginning to speak up and their prediction is scary if we don’t wake up to the Truth that the education system we experience is over 100 years old.

Watch this video of Jack Ma (Chairman of Alibaba) speaking at the World Economic Forum. This is the reason why the DADA Success Academy had to be born, to identify expert teachers and trainers who can teach those things which will Empower us all to live a more fulfilled life, one that allows you to Grow your Personal vision of SUCCESS.

Email Glenys at info@tonydada.com if you would like to get involved and join our community by becoming one of our Founding Members.

Jack Ma – Chairman of Alibaba

“In the 21st Century the ability to create Happiness in the main key areas of your life is the New Wealth. What you create in these 5 areas are your RICHES”
-Tony Biola DADA


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