It’s almost a month since we had our special day with Billionaire Entrepreneur Errol Abramson and sports legend Derek Redmond and what a special day it was.


Here’s just some of the highlights and takeaways people gained

  •       I am learning to identify my distractions and dealing with them
  •       The only limitations YOU have are the ones you put on yourself
  •       Doing a daily mantra starting with “I am” … Helps give you strong sense of self awareness
  •       Must read “Think & Grow Rich” Book
  •       The biggest block in life sometimes can be just your ego
  •       Have honest conversations for the good of yourself and others
  •       Communication – is not only speaking but listening
  •       The importance of self-awareness  
  •       Resilience – the importance of not giving up
  •       The 3 tools of an Entrepreneur – Time – Ability to Sell – Creativity
  •       The difference between Activity and Productivity


Many people are not aware that one of the fastest ways to travel towards your vision of success is not just through defining your GPS Vision but also regularly refining it through engaging with people who clearly have wisdom. Errol is definitely one of those and he wants to share his experience and wisdom with 100 million entrepreneurs globally. What a vision!


(From Left – sitting) Business Mentor Errol Abramson & Derek Redmond

This is why I feel so blessed to have 2 mentors

Bro Ishmael addresses my spiritual growth and entered my life over 35 years ago to support me on my spiritual journey and now Errol who has come to support me on my next level of Business growth.

Spiritual Mentor – Bro Ishmael Tetteh


In a recent conversation with my spiritual mentor he spoke about people often not being able to achieve their goals and vision of success because they had blocks. These could be either psychological or emotional blocks. Either way the solution was often relatively simple but rarely practiced, especially in the “West”. What was required he said was simply “Resetting”.


Let me illustrate. We probably all have a least one mobile phone device each. Have you ever used google maps or a similar navigation system to help you on your journey? From time to time whilst on that journey you may notice a signal or message that comes up with the message displayed  “recalculating”. Right there in that moment, exactly where you are, the “resetting” process is taking place based on recalculating the best route to get to your destination based on where you are at that precise moment in time. It is not based on where you were 5 minutes ago or 1 hour ago but based on your exact location.  How many of us have the strength and discipline especially during difficult times to clinically locate our position and make a clinical assessment as to how to continue our journey of life? Having a mentor as part of your support system helps you to look at your life with a degree of detachment through their questions and feedback.


This is exactly what the “GPS Mind-re-set MoT” Programme does. I introduced this earlier in the year for people who did not need the full 12 week GPS Holistic one-2-one Mentoring Programme, but wanted to get clarity on a few areas.  It’s a short assessment of where you are going mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically in your relationships and financially, based on right where you are now. If there are no surprises, or minor things that show up, or them being highlighted means you can take the necessary action to nip it in the bud. However if anything does flag up it gives you the opportunity to assess, then decide how best to move forwards.



As we are all beginning to prepare for the festive season I wanted to offer you a special offer


Mind-re-set MoT Programme Normally £599 – 18 places available at just £299.50 (complete with installment plan and money back guarantee)
That’s upto 50% Off

If you would like more information on how to join the “Mind-re-set MoT” programme ( so you can enter 2019 confident and ready to embrace the new year) then please send an email to for more information.


CLICK HERE to see more photos from the Entrepreneurial Development Institute Event With Errol


Ps: My Spiritual mentor Bro Ishmael is holding a private spiritual Q&A on Friday 23rd November 6pm – 8pm

Location: Etherean Mission UK
                   58 Gorringe Park Avenue
                   Mitcham, Surrey
                   CR4 2DG


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