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Preventative Insurance Against Negative Influences, For Your Young Person's Mind

Urban Kids Don't Live As Long?

empr-txts-urban-parentsAccording to the UK office of national statistics, baby’s born in deprived urban areas have a much shorter life expectancy than the national average.

And it’s even worse for baby boys, and we all know why that is.

Our young people are more vulnerable than ever to negative influences. In my day when I was on road, there was no Internet and fewer entertainment channels, yet I still got sucked into the life.

Today the Internet is everywhere, entertainment has exploded and it’s feeding promiscuous sex, drugs and violence into the minds of our young people more widely than I could have imagined.

This wouldn’t be so bad if we had an abundance of strong, stable, ethical role models in our community to offset the negative effects, but we haven’t.

And the role models that do exist, the one’s our young people look up to and emulate, are typically walking a path we desperately don’t want them to follow.

As a single parent who raised my two kids while working desperately to provide for them, protect them and guide them I know what it’s like.

We want to protect them as best we can, but we don’t want to smother them.

We also don’t want our protective efforts to come across like we’re trying to control or restrict them, which is often how they take it.

For years I rolled a single question over and over in my mind...

As soon as my kids went out the house I’d find this one question churning over in my mind:

“How do I protect my young from all the negative influences in society, without me being there all the time, and in a way that my young people would welcome rather than resist?”

urban-voice-logo-300w-blackThe empowerment of communities, and especially young people has been my life’s obsession since 1992 which led to the founding of my not-for-profit organisation Urban Voice UK back in 2003.

So you can imagine my satisfaction in a sudden ‘eureka’ moment when I discovered that one of the main perpetrators of the problem may also be the solution.

I started thinking:
“How do I use this modern technology to reverse the problem, simply and affordably?”

Then it hit me.

What’s the one thing that young people love the most? Maybe even a little more than us at times?

Their phones.

Their phones never leave their sight. It’s the one thing they take everywhere with them, so I knew that had to be the key.

And what do young people love second most? Bravado

You know, boasting, flexin, bragging, swagger or whatever else they call it.

So what if I told you I'd come up with a way...

… of combining these two things to influence our young people in a positive, more empowering direction, as opposed to the negative, disempowering direction that results from mainstream society?

Let me introduce you to DADA Empwr Txts, a positive thought plus an empowering affirmation sent straight to any young person’s mobile phone, every single day.

Here’s a sample of some actual DADA Empwr Txts that were sent out recently:



If those were the kind of thoughts running through the mind of a young person when faced with a choice about whether to do something off key, how much better would their choices be?

You see, we buy insurance for our cars in case we have an accident. If we damage our car then the insurance pays out.

But having insurance doesn’t prevent the accident does it?

If having insurance was somehow able to PREVENT the accident from occurring in the first place we could avoid not only the damage to the car and the hassle of getting it repaired, we’d also avoid running the risk of physical injury.

DADA Empwr Txts offer this kind of insurance. It’s prevention rather than cure.

So we pay a few hundred pounds a year for car insurance because we know it protects us from the cost of repairs which may run into the thousands.

But what’s the cost of our young people going down the wrong road?

We’ve all heard the stories and we’ve all imagined the nightmare scenarios.

The costs go beyond money.

But it's not all bad...

empr-txts-natty-nishaWe can also imagine how wonderful things could be, how if our young people just took another path, their life would be much more fulfilling.

But often they won’t do it for themselves, so it’s our responsibility to help them.

That’s where DADA Empwr Txts come in.

DADA Empwr Txts are just one feature of the membership scheme I created as part of my life’s mission of “Empowering People to Live Fulfilled Lives” and in my role as The Personal Empowerment Coach to the Ethnic and Urban Communities.

From just £2 a week you can purchase preventative insurance for your young person’s mind. By signing up for any level membership I will begin sending DADA Empwr Txts to your young person’s phone each and every day.

They’ll then have another voice in their ear, an empowering voice, a voice to offset all the negative influences they are exposed to everywhere they go.

If that’s worth £2 a week to you then click on the button below to sign up.

Your first month costs just £1:

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And there's more...

DADA Empwr Txts are just one of a whole range of benefits that are included in your membership plan.

I also run regular live events where members can come and make friends with our community of success oriented people of all ages.

I find this is the key to breaking a young person’s attraction to the road life. They want to fit in and they want to be accepted by those who appear ‘cool’.

Once they attend one of my events, for the first time ever they are presented with an alternative. They become exposed to a group of positive people who are serious about making their lives truly successful.



Just exposing a young person to this energy is often enough to flip the switch. You find they all of a sudden WANT to live a more ethical, more empowered life. The exhausting battle between us and them dissolves.

The only reason they didn’t do this before was because there was no alternative, so it’s not really their fault.

I know we may have TOLD them repeatedly, but words are not very good teachers. It’s only EXPERIENCE that really teaches.

For a full list of everything that is included in your membership on top of the DADA Empr Txts please click this button:

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All membership plans come with a FREE copy of my award winning book The Grow Personal Success System, which contains dozens of real life stories where young people completely transformed their life and achieved levels of success they never imaged.

And they did this all by following the simple principles I teach to members and students.

You can also take a 1 month trial of any membership plan for just £1.

If within the first 30 days you don’t want to continue, simply cancel your membership.

If you love being a member you’ll simply switch over to the normal monthly price at the end of the first month.

So give yourself and your young people the most empowering gift they will ever receive, the gift of a successful life.

I look forward to seeing you and your young person at my next live event:

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