On Friday 13th November 2015, I had the pleasure to attend the GPS (Grow Personal Success) Awards as a nominee at the RBS headquarters in East London.

It was an honour to have the opportunity to celebrate my achievements. I was very much looking forward to the event, as all events held by Tony Dada are very powerful and highly inspiring!

A Bit Of History

I met Tony Dada in 2010, at the time I was a single mother, coming out an abusive relationship, jobless as I lost my good job in PR because of my pregnancy, quite isolated as I arrived from France in London in 2006 and didn’t have an opportunity yet to socialise and make friends.

I always been career oriented, but being a single mother, I was struggling to find a job and felt quite discriminated.

Also childcare was an issue. I was determined to build my career around my new responsibilities as a mother. I have always dreamt of having my own fashion brand.

Starting my own business appeared like the best option but being quite new in UK I did not have all the tools to do so and I needed help. One day one of my friends told me about Urban Voice and the training they were offering for women.

I was so happy, it was exactly what I needed and I just went for it!

The training has been an amazing journey for me, a revelation as I realised what I really wanted to do with my life and most importantly how I wanted to live my life.

After the training at Urban Voice I started successfully in my business. As much as I learnt about how to start a business, the most important thing that I learned was to believe in myself believe in my vision.

I always had a dreams however, I was unsure if I could make them a reality.

Urban Voice, Tony Dada and his colleagues taught me to believe in my dreams, that everything is possible if you put your mind to it and most importantly if you set up a positive state of mind.

Tony also inspired me to use my creativity to overcome the challenges of starting up a business with a lack of funds.

Those 10 weeks empowered me and everything that happened after has just been magical! I successfully launched my own brand Fee Uhssi Ethical Luxury.

Personal Life

On my personal life everything went quite amazingly too! As I learnt to keep a positive outlook and a positive state of mind I mastered the law of attraction, blessings just kept coming my way!

All my wishes started to become true I met my soulmate in 2011 and in 2012 I was giving birth to a beautiful boy, I got the happy family I was dreaming of not only for me but mainly for my daughter!

As life goes on new challenges come your way and in summer 2014 I got pregnant with twins I was obviously overwhelmed and feeling extremely blessed for this gift of the universe but at the same time I went through a time of questioning and anxiety: will I be able to continue doing what I love to do?

I needed guidance! That is when I heard about Tony’s new GPS program, I immediately knew that is was what I needed.

My journey as a GPS student was amazing I went through the whole program while pregnant and it helped me on so many aspects of my life the main things that Tony told me are to always honour myself and keep it real!

Thanks to my mentoring sessions with Tony Dada, I managed to create a planning system allowing me to balance all the aspects of my life!

As a woman and a mother there are many challenges to face which can lead to frustration when like me you want it all: the career and the opportunity to do what your love, the harmonious love relationship and the happy and healthy children!

With GPS I got reassured that, it is possible!

2015 has been so far an amazing, eventful and memorable year!

I gave birth to two beautiful and healthy babies who brought so much love and blessings! I managed to balance family life and business.

I have been able to continue working until 8 months of pregnancy as I learnt to honour myself and therefore I have been taking good care of my mind, body and soul.

Since babies were born, I have achieved a lot business wise too and I have been nominated for 3 awards including a nomination for The best fashion designer Beffta Awards and of course The GPS awards!

I am deeply grateful for the amazing and powerful transformation I experienced with the GPS program!

By creating the GPS Awards, Tony has created the perfect platform to acknowledge the benefits of the GPS program for all the students and to celebrate the achievements of the people who have been through this amazing introspective and life-changing journey.

The Awards Ceremony

The energy on Friday 13th was so powerful, as soon as I stepped in the room I was submerged by positivity and hope!

All nominees have amazing stories, and went through such a transformation, I would recommend to everyone to visit growpersonalsuccess.com to discover their stories and find out how the GPS program could change your life.

I did not win the Alumni Award this time but I feel like a winner, as Tony Dada and the GPS team set up things in order to celebrate each one with powerful testimonies and performances.

A 16 years old aspiring singer who blessed us with her beautiful voice won the alumni award!

It filled my heart with Joy to see so many young people finding hope and determination again!

I left the RBS building that night with a big smile on my face, my heart full of joy, and inspiration to start my new journey!

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