D iscover A ptitude D evelop & A ccelerate


The Crowne Plaza London Battersea Hotel

Bridges Court, London , SW11 3BE

London, GB, SW11 3BE

A special evening with Tony DADA, his Spiritual mentor of 35 years Brother Ishmael Tetteh from Ghana and special guests.

This is is special intimate gathering for learning. Bring your partners, lovers, husband & wifes.

Learn and discover the power that can be untapped only when you PROVE YOUR LOVE in and through your relationships.

GetReal Talk on Relationships 

WithTony Dada & African Spiritual Teacher Bro Ishmael Tetteh

As a result of almost 100 people undertaking the 12 week GPS 1-2-1 Holistic Mentoring Programme the quality of their lives began to improve Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, Finacially, Physically and Socially. Through their relationships a pattern began to emerge. The Programme which was inspired during my study under Bro Ishmael revealed a significant number of people who experienced improvement within their existing relationships, with some leading to love, marriage, and even restoration of marital vows.

Come and find out how changing your attitude, perspective and belief system about yourself and who you are changes everything including your relationships.

Here’s just some of the questions already put forward that we will be answering:

  • Do relationships have a purpose? If so, what is the purpose?

  • How honest should I be in my relationship?

  • Should we view our relationship as a business?

  • What is adultery? Is it the act or the thought?

  • Can we re-establish trust after someone has cheated?

  • Why do men find it difficult to share their true feelings?

  • Do we know how to express our needs in a relationship?

  • What is the greatest need in a relationship?

  • What is Love?

  • How do you maintain attraction in a relationship or marriage?

  • Can you successfully grow with your partner?

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