During Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I have a Dream’ speech on 28th August 1963, not many people realised in that moment he was performing Magic in front of millions and nobody saw it.


You see, yes he had a dream as many of us do. But how many of us wake up able to describe our dream with any degree of clarity and detail.  This is what distinguishes a dream from a vision and this was the magic Martin Luther King executed so skilfully (read and see how vividly he describes his vision).


We all have dreams but the dream is often hazy, however it is only when we give our dreams our full attention, with the intention of working the dream in our minds eye which gives clarity that motivates us into action. Then our dream turns into our vision.

To the degree we see the vision more clearly the more we are inspired to take action. However small, the result will move us closer towards the manifestation of that vision.


Your vision has got to fire you up into action and it matters not how crazy or far away it may seem what matters is –

  1. Can you see your vision clearly?
  2. Do you believe (have faith) in your vision?

Martin Luther King did and his vision inspired him and millions of others into  action even after he left the earth.


Do you have a “DREAM” do you have a “VISION” or are you just coasting through life?
I have discovered that we become empowered when we have a Vision.


More than 35 years ago I had a dream which crystallised into a song that became my mantra entitled “Unification”. It would be more than 30 years later before I performed it in public.

Watch the performance HERE

My vision was people coming together in a spirit of harmony for the common good, for during my early teens there was a lot of racism and prejudice among many groups within our society.


Meeting Bro Ishmael was a breath of fresh air and I quickly found that I shared part of his dream and vision which was to create a spiritual centre here in the UK that would enrich the lives of people, their Minds, their Bodies & Souls.


However he did not have permanent residency to live in the UK, he was based in Ghana, Africa and had little funds to support this vision. He was also in his 20’s and knew only a handful of people.


Despite this he got started working his vision renting a small room in a flat and having weekly gatherings which is how I met him. His message was way ahead of his time. Imagine being introduced to the Law of Attraction 35 years ago? Yet he never wavered. I even invested in the vision when it took the form of purchasing a property. My faith was activated, for I had no job or regular income at the time. He soon became my spiritual mentor.


Despite the many challenges along the way, that vision to create a spiritual centre has now been realised and I am honoured and proud that the DADA Success Academy together with The Etherean Mission UK  for the first time ever opens its doors to the community.


Join us on Saturday 15th June to witness history in the making as the vision I have held for over 3 decades is realised at The Mind, Body & Soul Conference with special guest and spiritual Mentor Bro Ishmael Tetteh along with guest speakers from our community.

The MIND: “The greatest gift that God has given to man is his mind, yet few have ever thought of how to best employ its use for personal growth.” Bro Tony Dada


At The Conference Learn;

  • Why Suicide, caused by mental imbalance, is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in our society
  • Why Mental Health is a growing problem especially in the BAME community
  • Why you must have a vision of success – Your life literally depends on it
  • Whether you have a Prosperity or Poverty Mind Set and how you can change your Mind Set
  • How I used my Mind and the magic key to attract my Spiritual Mentor (Bro Ishmael) and my Billionaire Business Mentor (Errol) into my life and enter into partnerships with both
  • Plus much more


The Soul:A constitution of your Mind, Feelings and Body that is animated by your Spirit. In other words, when Spirit is identified with Mind Feeling and Body, it is called a Soul.” Bro Ishmael Tetteh

Learn and understand

  • The difference between your Soul and your Spirit
  • How to use your mind with a spirit of harmony
  • How the misuse of your emotions (feelings) could be creating painful experiences in your life, making you your own worst enemy.
  • How your soul is the medium through which your Spirit expresses its infinite potentials. You can be and do far more than you think.
  • Plus much more


The Body:

We will soon confirm our guest speaker line up who will speak on the subject of health, well being, the use of high-quality natural supplements and much more.

If you are a trainer, speaker, practitioner or facilitator and would like to collaborate with us come down on June 15th or contact us at info@tonydada.com.  

We only have 60 seats available for this exciting event. Tickets will go on sale shortly. In the meantime you can get on the priority least be registering your interest at www.tonydada.com/vip  


When we operate in harmony Mind, Body & Spirit, a magic is revealed to the world

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