The world has changed and is evolving as things are unfolding. The story you’re about to read shows wherever you are on the planet, however you choose to show-up in the world and the impact you make in someones life can cause a ripple effect across the globe from London to Zimbabwe in Africa.

BE, Brave, Bold and unite with others that share the same spirit and vision for positive change in ouR World. That is my vision for DADA Success Academy teaching those who are serious about Growing their Personal vision of Success (GPS) as a force for positive change. It may seem Impossible but here’s proof it can be done and why we are growing our R.I.C.H Community (Realising the Impossible & Creating Happiness).

Click the video below to watch how the very 1st student I mentored 10 years ago. Acie Lumumba is now a force for change in Zimbabwe.

Acie Lumumba
Click the link to watch him address the media.
So Proud of my boy.


Together we shaped his vision based on his passion which was Fighting injustice against youth through engaging with the political system both here in the UK but ultimately to return back home to Zimbabwe and represent the youth there through joining the government. His vision has been realised and is evolving. So lets use this as inspiration and motivation. We can make a difference.


Sunday 3rd December

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