The week ending Saturday 12/06/2021 may well be the most important week of the year for me for a number of reasons that I will illustrate through this Blog.

  • THE 1st reason may trigger a chain reaction that could eventually affect every human being on the planet although very few are even aware of this event.

    It took place on June 9th and the event was when El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced his country as making history by becoming the 1st country to adopt bitcoin as a legal tender. Why could this affect every human being on the planet?

Well my Crypto go to guy Chris Coney, who will be my special guest this Friday on “Friday MINDreSET Live”, told me in conversation last year that the moment you see the 1st country make this bold move it will trigger a chain reaction causing many countries to follow suit. This in turn will eventually see The Bitcoin Price Skyrocket and the chain reaction is starting sooner than he predicted.

He sent me an open letter written 13/06/2021 to the Nigerian Government: ‘Pursue A Bitcoin Standard’. Here is an extract from the open letter and illustrates why my Blog is entitled ‘A Once in a Generation Opportunity’ not just for Nigerians but every human being on the planet.

‘Bitcoin is not controlled, managed or operated by any single entity. It is an innovation that will surpass the automobile or the internet in terms of its impact on humanity. Nigeria with its population of 200 million, does not need to ask for permission from any other nation nor acquire a license nor secure a trade agreement from any corporation to reshape its economy with Bitcoin. All that is required is a vision for a new future and an allocation of its own national resources to pursue a Bitcoin standard.’

To read the full article click this link –


In the R.I.C.H (Realise the seemingly Impossible and Create Happiness) Society we have a vision for our future and our community that is why since 2017 I have been in talks with Chris and others well versed in Finance and Wealth Management as to how we may help our members not only create wealth for themselves, but also cumulatively so that we can then pool our resources to support and create other opportunities for our members and the wider community. We have already launched a pilot project earlier this year with a few core members and hope to launch the main project during the next quarter.
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To find out more join us this Friday @8pm when we will live stream on Facebook (MINDreSET For Success) and YouTube (Tony D.A.D.A). 


  • The second reason is this week I received the green light for a “Once in a decade opportunity”, to stage an event here in the UK with none other than Michael Beckwith from The Secret: The Law of Attraction. Once in a decade because at the start of the last decade (2010) I met Michael Beckwith in Ghana along with over 100 delegates from the US and I shared my vision of wanting to stage an event in London UK with Bro Ishmael Tetteh (my spiritual mentor), Michael Beckwith and guests. In July 2011 I began the long journey of finding my tribe that would lead to this week’s milestone. I finally feel confident with my team that we can handle the challenge. I put it to both Michael Beckwith and Bro Ishmael and they both gave the green light. Stay tuned for further updates.
(From Left) Myself, Bro Ishmael & Michael Beckwith


  • Thirdly this Saturday, join me for our first ever Book Study Club along with the author. We are reading one of Bro Ishmael’s 30 books ‘The Way Forward’ where he will be talking about why this book is a tool for prosperous living in this New Era. You can purchase a copy from us by CLICKING HERE If you would like to join this very special occasion at our Book Study Club on June 19th click this link –


  • Also this week we saw 2 more (GPS) Trainee Practitioners join the program bringing the total number now to 5 (remember the significance of the No. 5 this year?) During our workshop, amongst other things, it was suggested that I run a separate workshop on Financial Literacy specifically on How To Use A Cash Flow to organise your financial life. This has previously only been shared with select students but if there is enough demand we will open up and run this workshop for you. Those who have read “RICH DAD POOR DAD” know that there is a game called Cashflow 101.

I guarantee YOUR VIEW OF MONEY, borrowing, credit and debit will change for the better, forever.

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Forthcoming Events

18th June: Chris Coney – The Gospel According to Bitcoin

Our very own Honorary Member Chris Coney has now partnered with the Weiss Agency. Founded in 1971 Weiss Ratings is the only ratings agency that combines the broadest coverage, strictest independence, complete objectivity, high ethics, and a commitment to safety for its members. On the night you’ll get a rare interview with the man and his insights. Plus get a sneak insight to our wealth creation project in development which will allow our members to invest in carefully selected baskets of crypto currencies. Don’t miss it. 

25th June: Property Guru Bola Ranson

Each session will be streamed live to the public, then a private Q&A with the guest speaker and R.I.C.H Society Members. If you would like to take part in the private Q&A become a R.I.C.H Society member today from just £12.99 per month  –


19th June: Book Study Club with Spiritual Guru Bro Ishmael 

We are pleased to announce that we will have Bro Ishmael in attendance at the Book Study Club on June 19th. As this will be a Special Book Study Club with the Author an additional fee of £29 will be incurred for those who wish to take part as a Panelist (including R.I.C.H Society Members).

If you are not a Member, you can attend this Special session with Bro Ishmael on June 19th as an Attendee (where you listen and observe the Live discussions and can make written comments). To register please go to:


The R.I.C.H Society Book Study Club

Our latest Book Study Club began on 5th June 2021. We are studying the book ‘The Way Forward – Practices for Empowered Living’ by Bro Ishmael Tetteh. It is a practical radical and innovative new way of thinking, living and being, for total harmony with oneself and with life.

 If you are not a Book Study Club Member you can get your membership here:


You can join us as an Attendee or as a Panelist.
Details can be found by CLICKING HERE
*If you are currently a Book Study Club Member or one of our Founding GOLD Standard Members the details on how to join us above do not apply to you*

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