The current generation of young people are the first generation for decades that are likely to be worse off than their parents.

And they know it.

Since the end of World War 2 every generation has enjoyed greater prosperity than the previous one. The unfortunate reality for our young people today is that things don’t look as rosy, especially since the 2008 financial crisis.

This has lead many young people to feel despondent and some even helpless, so it’s heartwarming when I meet people who really understand and are willing to contribute to the solution.

Since meeting some Sodexo employees at a number of different events I’ve had my attention drawn increasingly to what they refer to as ‘Quality of Life’, which is a commitment that runs through every part of their business. Their company improves quality of life for their customers, their employees and communities.

Sponsorship of the 2015 GPS Awards has allowed us to open up the opportunity for 30 young people to attend the event for free and learn the principles of empowerment that are so crucial to a successful career.

The average person spends a third of their weekly time at work, so it has a massive impact on our quality of life.

So to continue my mission at a grass root level to ‘Empower People to Live Fulfilled’, we have created 30 free tickets for young people to be able to access some inspiration, personal empowerment and networking opportunities that they are so eagerly searching for.

How many young people do you know that would love to attend a free edu-tainment event of food, music, learning and socialising at 5 PM this Friday the 13th of November at RBS Headquarters in Bishopsgate London?

Share this article with them so they can click on the link below and claim their free ticket, I’m sure they will really appreciate it:

Click here to claim a free ticket for a young person

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