2016 was certainly one of the most R.I.C.H years for me.

RICH meaning a year where I was able to Realize the Impossible and Create Happiness in my life.

How was 2016 for you? Hit reply and let me know, if you feel like sharing.

At the beginning of 2016, thanks to the insights I gained from my spiritual mentor Bro Ishmael Tetteh (among other sources) I wrote my very first blog (click here to read) about 2016 being a year where the winds of CHANGE would blow through all our lives.

They say “to be forewarned is to be forearmed” and so, when the winds of change began to blow on so many levels I was already positioned to make the seemingly impossible became a reality for myself and my students.

But what did the winds of change bring us?

  • We saw David Cameron leave office as UK Prime Minister
  • The Brexit vote
  • Teresa May became our next female Prime Minister
  • And in the USA Donald Trump won the presidency

These are just a few of the extraordinary things that occurred in 2016.
Now as we approach the closing moments of 2016, taking stock and reflecting on the changes that occurred in our lives and seeking the positive outcomes from them will do us the world of good so that we move into 2017 with a sense of clarity and confidence.

Have you set aside some quality time to reflect on the effect that 2016 has had in all the important areas of your life?
If not, why not?

In my reflections I observed that the spirit of CHANGE also brought with it a change in the quality of some of my existing relationships as well as fresh new ones.

The most significant and symbolic of these were:

Errol Abraham, (a man who built 47 companies without a single failure) through our new and developing friendship, is convinced (as I am) that in the coming seasons we will collaborate on an initiative that will empower and teach people key success principles.

Watch out for him in the forthcoming “THINK & GROW RICH” movie due out sometime in 2017.

Peter Sage – The enlightened entrepreneur and the first millionaire businessman I have met who is teaching business and personal development from an enlightened perspective.

Through our new friendship we are working together to bring you something exciting in 2017 (click here)

Nick Thompson – Divisional MD, Technical Services Division at Sodexo UK & Ireland

Sodexo is the 18 largest employer on the planet. Through our developing friendship and conversations we have identified the importance of developing a new Leadership Programme for senior corporate staff, one that will equip them with a creative social entrepreneurial mindset.

A mindset that will also empower them with a greater awareness of their own well-being and enable them to communicate these new concepts effectively to their teams.

The ultimate outcome being to change organisational structures that are emerging across the globe.

The Very Foundations Of Our World Are Changing. This 5 Minute Short Film Explains

GPS Students and Graduates

Click here to watch video testimonials from GPS graduates

The GPS 1-2-1 Programme for 2017 has almost sold out for the year! To claim one of the 30 remaining places contact glenys@growpersonalsuccess.com now.

The transformations I witnessed from some of those who joined the GPS 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching programme were more powerful than in any other year I can recall.

I saw a different type of student coming forward to join the programme this year, individuals who wanted to be the best version of themselves, so that they could make a greater positive impact on the community they had chosen to serve.

This year I feel privileged to be in the position to support, invest in and empower people who want to be CREATIVE SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS who then in turn go out and enrich the lives of so many others.

Business, Money and YOU

If you have been thinking or feeling like you want to start, develop or expand a business as a creative social entrepreneur, join us on the 2nd February 2017 at Business Money & YOU.

You will learn from experts with a proven track record in starting and building successful businesses.

Events like this normally cost around £500. But click the link here to find out how you can attend FREE.

Final Thoughts

What my reflections have revealed to me, was that one of the most important things in 2016 was RELATIONSHIPS and the quality of them. I believe this will continue throughout 2017.

What did your reflections reveal for you? Take “TIME-OUT” before you are “OUT-OF-TIME”.

The year of change is almost complete and for many it was “TIME-UP”.

For those of us still able to have dreams and visions, 2017 represents a truly exciting year, full of opportunity where, for those of us daring and caring enough, we have the opportunity to begin to grow and manifest our visions. More of this in my next blog.

In the words of Sophia Stewart, author of movies The Matrix and The Terminator“If you don’t like the world you see, in 2017 you have the opportunity to CHANGE IT.”

If you’d like to hear Sophia’s predictions for 2017, look out for the recording of my recent interview with her in an upcoming newsletter.

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