While engaging in my regular round of research into those that are struggling in our world I came across a programme called How To Get A Council House

In it I saw how a mother with an 8 year old child lost her council flat and was housed briefly in temporary accommodation while the council looked into her case.

4891956418001She was then informed by the council, that they had found the root cause of her eviction to be rent arrears due to her poor financial  management.

This was deemed by the council as making herself “intentionally homeless” and as a result the council was not able to provide housing for her.

This resulted in both her and her son becoming homeless.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, because she was homeless with a minor she was told that social services would be contacting her to arrange for her son to be taken into care.

Thankfully she was able to break out of the nightmare that was unfolding. But how?

Simply By Using Her “Creative Imagination”.

bulb-40701_640She thought about the hellish vision of seeing her son taken into care and realised that this was simply not an option for her.

In the programme she refers to her son as ‘my whole universe’.

So she switched her mind into the state that I refer to as “Solution Focused” i.e. she switched her attention from focusing on what wasn’t wanted (loss of son) to what was wanted (secure home with son).

After 30 years of researching what aides successful people I realise that it’s all about the Mind-set, literally how your MIND is SET or what SETTING your MIND is on.

This woman needed to get to the point where she faced a catastrophic experience before she shifted herself into the creative mental zone (right side of the brain).

Originally she had gone to the council for help since she had no friends or family in the UK to call for support. Her situation appeared hopeless to her mind, but was it actually hopeless in reality?

By turning on her creative imagination her mind processed numerous possible solutions before finally coming up with one that worked.

She contacted her family back in the West Indies and arranged for them to obtain a plane ticket for her and her son to leave the UK behind.

The interesting part of this story is that it need not have got so bad.

I’m not wishing to apportion any blame here, as I have been in a similar position myself many years ago.

But it shows the need and importance of financial literacy training, mindset training and being part of a community of like-minded people because life is not always smooth sailing.

Where 80% Of All Our Stress Comes From

Much of the stress we experience doesn’t come from the possibility of problems, we know they will come.

No, the stress we experience comes directly from the fact that we don’t know how to prevent problems or deal with them when they do eventually come.

If you know how to change a tyre, you’re not going to worry about getting a flat.

Sure it might be a pain to have to stop and change it, but the stress level is nowhere near where it would be if you simply didn’t know what to do.

More so than ever those who are disadvantaged in Great Britain are being left to fend for themselves, but without the skills to do so and with increasingly dyer consequences.

An Example Of A GPS Student

Coincidentally I have a young mother of 3 on the Grow Personal Success (GPS) Holistic Coaching and Mentoring Programme right now.

Despite being disadvantaged she recognised the need to create a change that would stop the steady downward decline she was experiencing in her life.

She decided to take action BEFORE she hit the bottom.

With just 2 sessions of having what I call a “Mind-set M.O.T.” she was able to see clear illustrations of what she was doing to sabotage her own efforts to bring about positive change in her life.

By week 3 she had achieved the following:

  1. Come to see an expanded vision of herself in terms of her MINDSET, MONEY, HEALTH, AWARENESS and RELATIONSHIPS
  2. Identified more than 30 goals that she wanted to achieve across these 5 areas within 90 days
  3. Began to introduce change and order into her life that would lead her towards these new goals in a steady step by step fashion

As a result she was already happier, smiling and laughing much more which was born out of a new sense of calmness and confidence.

To hear her full story come and join us at the new GPS Live Event.

This lady was fortunate as she qualified for our Bursary programme and was able to get almost 70% of the cost of the programme absorbed.

However recently as a result of speaking at Europe’s biggest business show, my team and I were stunned by the sheer number of people who approached our stand having recognised the power, importance and necessity in today’s world of having a trusted mentor or coach that can support you in each or all of the following areas:

  • Personally
  • Professionally
  • As a business owner

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Until Someone Shows You

In my case having a mentor literally changed my life from being a path of destitution to a path of creation by becoming an empowerment coach.

At the Business show we launched our initial intake of just a few people to participate in the pilot GPS Group Coaching Programme which is available at a fraction of the cost of the 1-2-1 programme along with with Free membership to the R.I.C.H Club.

If you would like to be part of the initial group coaching programme pilot then send an email to glenys@growpersonalsuccess.com to book your place.

Or visit www.tonydada.com and watch some of the recent testimonials.

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