It’s probably too late to be saying Happy new year, but as it’s my 1stst blog of the year I’ll say it anyway because I have good reason as you will read.

2017 The Year of INSPIRED – ACTION

So it feels like Christmas and New Years was an eternity ago and therefore almost forgotten.

Have you figured out what 2017 will hold for us?

As my 1stst blog of 2016 was so “on point” highlighting a year of great change and upheaval (see here). I thought we would start 2017 the same way, by asking the same question.


My Spiritual mentor once shared that each year carries with it, its own unique vibration and so before setting firmly our new year’s resolutions, goals and intentions, we should first tune in to the vibration of the year before deciding to cement anything.


The Vibes for 2017, on all accounts, is that this is the Year of INSPIRED ACTION.

What I mean by this is, by now everyone has figured out that the world has changed.



But the question no one seems to know the answer to is

“What new course are we on and where are we heading to?”

This question needs to be asked personally, as a community, nationally and globally.

And for many all around the globe, not knowing the answer to these questions is as scary as hell.

But it need not be. For with change comes a wonderful opportunity to begin anew, to start a fresh, except with a deeper intention, sense of purpose, spirit of boldness and clarity of mind. These will equip you when the challenges come, because in 2017 come they surely will.

2017 allows us to redefine anything and everything. But whatever you do, don’t act like you’ve always done.


INSPIRED ACTION is a deep knowing of what must be done and why. It literally is inspired from the heart.

As a result we will see the rise of Inspired action particularly through the female energy with women all around the globe standing, demanding and pushing for the voices of the voiceless to be heard, respected and valued.


As life would have it I recently recorded a conversation with my dear friend Sophia Stewart, where she echoed these very sentiments.

Now you may not know the name Sophia Stewart but you most certainly know of her work, she is the author and creator of the block buster movies The Matrix and the Terminator. Listen to what she says 2017 will bring. Check the similarity.


Sophia for me epitomises what has been wrong and must be wiped away to allow a new spirit where we are all allowed to shine and contribute.

She recently said in conversation

“Tony I stand for Truth, Justice and Love, that’s my message to the world throughout 2017 and beyond.”

What a wonderful stance, despite being duped out of over 3 billion dollars in sales.

After years of battling she eventually has won her legal case, which will soon see her as a very wealthy woman indeed.


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In our recent exclusive webinar with Michael Bernard Beckwith from The Secret (the law of attraction movie) he also echoed that this season would call for much inspired action.


Interestingly this year’s frequency is determined by the number 1 .

For those of you who may think this is all nonsense, click the link below to read more about the power and energy of the numeric frequency (1) and as you do, hold a picture of Donald Trump in mind along with recent events surrounding him being sworn in and then tell me “It’s just a coincidence!”.


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Remember everyday, 2017 is about being INSPIRED daily. That way you stay focused on your vision and fly over your challenges and obstacles.


Nuff Luv



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