Dami is a bright, intelligent, bubbly young woman who started her last year at university where she is studying law whilst still only 20 years old, but it was not always like this.

Having recently won a GPS Award Dami tells in her own words how her life has changed in just 90 days….

Dami’s Story

Before I met uncle T and began the Grow Personal Success (GPS) Mentoring Program looking back at the person I was, you could describe me as a worried and scared girl and also really nice to the people I care about.

I often came across as strong, confident and in control of my life often offering a smile, whilst inside unbeknown to everyone I was always stressing.

Inside I was scared. I kept everything inside, sometimes I’d have outbursts, but generally I always kept everything inside.

Most times I put the needs of everyone others before my own because I wanted to be that perfect little girl, not realizing that the world is not perfect and that most people will take advantage of you if that’s your modus operandi.

I was worrying about myself not being good enough and didn’t see that the people in my life are very lucky to have me.

I was so worried about what others would think of me that I didn’t see the goodness in myself.

After GPS

Now after having completed the GPS Program I think and feel very differently about myself and I actually notice the difference.

I have learnt that mindset is very important with growth in one’s self.

I respect myself and do things that make me happy.

I don’t do things that I am forced to do because I want to please someone else, if it will make me unhappy.

I now have better relationships with people and I can voice my opinion without worrying about how I will be judged.

Now I speak to myself, it sounds crazy, but it helps me understand myself.

I look in the mirror sometime in the morning and I tell myself ‘Dami you’re beautiful’ and I smile because it true.

I walk into a room and I can be confident and not worry. That’s a good feeling. I am very happy inside and outside.

The most important things I have learnt and gained from the GPS program is that, I am my greatest asset, I should not let anyone else but myself control my thoughts, my emotions, or my future.

Knowing and writing down my goals gave me a clearer picture of what I want my future to be.

Knowing my gifts, talents and abilities made me utilize them in a way that has not only helped me grow but also indirectly helped the people around me.

Also a simple thing like having a diary and planning out my day, week and months ahead has made me very organized.

Everything is still a work in progress I have not reached my full potentials yet but there’s a huge difference in my life when I compare back then with now.

Coursework Transformed

A very recent example is my result from my recent coursework.

I achieved the best mark since the beginning of my degree. However just days before I was telling uncle T that whilst doing this coursework, I wasn’t stressing at all about it.

It felt strange as the stress had always been my normal pattern and I couldn’t understand why this was not the case during this my final year.

I was calm and I had a plan on how and when the work would be done and the results proved that my mind-set had changed and literally affected my ability to study, retain information and improved my grades.

Usually I would have been stressing and leave it till last minute.

Lately I have been getting different opinions from people about how they see the world and themselves and how things should be and I agree with them because everyone sees things differently.

My main focus now is finishing my law degree and doing my best and the GPS Mentoring & coaching Program has empowered me to know that I can and will do this.

Once this is done next year, I intend to travel to Europe, Nigeria and perhaps beyond to learn more about the world, about Dami and about how and where Dami wants to show up in the world.

The GPS Mentoring Program has helped turn a girl into a young woman who honours herself.

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