I was recently invited to visit Dubai where one of the first graduates from the DADA Success Academy now resides. I went to visit to celebrate with him as he had made a huge step of moving from the UK, to Dubai where he has now taken up residency. He also wanted me to look at some of the business opportunities available in this buzzing and thriving country. 

Tuoyo joined the Grow Personal Success (GPS) Holistic mentoring programme during the last quarter of 2013. In this young 21 year old man I saw someone who was not a follower of the herd and was in pursuit of his own vision of success. 

Today he is a trader living in Dubai with so much opportunity at his feet.

If you would like to learn more about the Grow Personal Success (GPS) Thinking System which introduces you to a new way of “Holistic thinking” based on Ancient Universal Spiritual Laws, then send us a message via our Help Desk (www.dadasuccessacademy.com/help_desk) with your email & phone number.

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Someone from my team will get in touch to discuss options and possibilities as to how you can get started on your Grow Personal Success journey.

In the meantime kick back and enjoy the interview.

Tony & Tuoyo Sakpere

7 Tips To Embarking On Your Grow Personal Success (GPS) Journey From Tuoyo

1) Find another source of income outside your 9-5

2) Utilise the free information on the Internet, there’s a tutorial for everything 

3) Educate yourself on what ‘Money’ actually is

4) Good ideas without actions will always remain as ‘good ideas’ and nothing more

5) Change your perception of failure to a lesson that has been learnt

6) There’s no harm in trying something new but there is harm in not trying 

7) A good mentor can help accelerate your journey and reduce/prevent you from making mistakes that they have already experienced on their own journey 

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