If you were not at the recent Mind, Body & Soul Conference then you missed what was for many, one of the most inspirational events we have put on to date.

As well as inspirational  it was symbolic on a number of levels…

As I travelled to the venue that morning (25th June) I heard on the radio about a fatal stabbing that had taken place in Wandsworth. It was a sharp reminder of how my life was 36 years ago when I was “On road” in this very same borough. It reminded me of the reason why for the last 27 years I’ve lived to empower those whom society regards as disadvantaged and often forgets about or even worse totally disregards.

As the event got underway, during the networking, I got into conversation with Bro Ishmael and Charles (one of the guest speakers). I asked Bro Ishmael when did he first come to the UK from Ghana with his vision to set up a centre that would teach the truth about spirituality and how old was he at the time. He answered; “I was 30 years old.” He then paused and said; “Wow, it was 36 years ago to the month”. This was just five months after I had made myself intentionally homeless by leaving my parents home. The Mind, Body & Soul Conference was symbolic as it appeared to mark the handing over of  the baton from the custodian of the vision to those that nurtured it. Now is the phase of sharing the knowledge.


This was the soft launch and a demonstration of the vision behind the DADA SUCCESS ACADEMY which is underpinned by the GPS philosophy which I received and developed whilst under the mentorship of Bro Ishmael. 

Here’s what one of the attendees had to say.

“I had a Fantastic weekend, especially Saturday @ The Break Down – Mind, Body & Soul Conference, organised by Tony DADA.

It was truly one of the BEST conferences I’ve been to in a while. Not just because l was Speaking and Exhibiting, BUT the Knowledge and Information and Passion, it even had ME in tears of Emotion. The Speakers were ALL on point. I picked up a lot of information too. 

Tony DADA whom I have known for many many years. I’m proud of him, for what he has accomplished and where he has come from. Brother Ishmael Tetteh speaking on the ‘Soul’ WOW!!  Powerful Information in Abundance!!

Great event and another venue for South London owned by the community.”


Grow Personal Success Speakers

Khalilah Ismaiel – Grow Personal Success Ambassador
Patricia Lewis – Grow Personal Success Graduate


If you missed the event you will soon be able to watch and digest the event as well as others like it by joining our DADA~R.I.C.H Society which exists to strengthen our community and support its members in a number of ways.

To view images from The Mind, Body & Soul Conference CLICK HERE


Become one of the 100 founding members of  the DADA~R.I.C.H Society and experience a paradigm shift in less than 12 monthsIf the investment does not add value we’ll give you a full refund 100% GUARANTEED. 

To register at the special rate of just £14.99 visit www.tonydada.com/dadarich


We are currently developing and planning a number of initiatives which include:

  • Access to the Mind Body & Soul Conference recordings and other recorded content so that you can go over the material and study in your own time.
  • The return of our regular RealTalk Dinner Discussions.
  • A new initiative “The Mastermind group”  for those wanting to create the best version of self, plus a separate Mastermind group for aspiring  Entrepreneurs.
  • MindReset 1-Day Workshops as well as workshops for each of the other success pillars (Health & Wellbeing, Spirituality, Relationship and finally Entrepreneurship, Business and Money delivered by expert teachers, trainers and facilitators).
  • Limited access to both my Spiritual Mentor (Bro Ishmael) and my Billionaire Business Mentor (Errol Abramson).
  • Showing you business opportunities that require a small capital outlay yet can create healthy monthly earnings. Real case examples.
  • Networking events to empower our members and support them to begin to create their own R.I.C.H Lifestyle and amazing stories of growth and transformation.
  • As a Founding Member you enjoy a special discount rate for life of £14.99 per month instead of £19.99.
  • As a member join our affiliate programme and get paid simply for introducing leads to us.

To register at the special rate of just £14.99 visit www.tonydada.com/dadarich

If you are new to our community and would like to learn more before making a commitment, join me at our next FREE Mind Reset webinar – www.tonydada.com/webinar

If You missed our Free Mind Reset Webinar On Wednesday 26th June, the replay well be available for 6 Days (Until Wednesday 3rd July).

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