What is a MINDreSET and why do you need to have one? A MINDreSET is as the word suggests, a resetting of the MIND (like you do when you have a car MOT) and in the title I suggest we reset the MIND for abundance and not for lack or poverty. Why? Because based on the Universal law of the MIND “Your constant state of MIND will eventually become your reality”. Said another way, “The constant state you hold and maintain in your mental reality has the power to shape your physical reality”. The understanding of this Universal Law of the MIND is critical now more than ever as we continue in the never ending saga of COVID, its variants and the mass fear, anxiety and physiological stress that is being heaped on our minds.

I recently came across this term “Mass Formation Psychosis” which I think you should know about if you don’t already.

Mass Formation Psychosis is defined as “an epidemic of madness” that occurs when a “large portion of society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions.” Does this describe the seemingly polarisation that is currently occurring in society right now?

One classic historical example of mass formation psychosis is the witch hunts that occurred in the Americas and Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, when tens of thousands of people, mostly women, were tortured, drowned and burned alive at the stake.  Another is the transatlantic slave trade which occured from the 16th to the 19th century where millions of Africans were subjected to unspeakable brutality, torture and death. 

In both examples, were the masses of people committing these atrocities really mad or were they induced into a psychotic state of madness without being consciously aware of what was happening to their minds?

Gustave Le Bon, a French social psychologist renowned for his study of crowds through  his book, “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind,” takes a deep dive into the characteristics of human crowds and how, when gathered in groups, people tend to relinquish conscious deliberation in favor of unconscious crowd action.

Another psychologist Carl Jung once stated that When a society descends into madness, the results are always devastating”. Jung, who also studied mass formation psychoses, wrote that the individuals who make up the affected society “become morally and spiritually inferior.” They become “unreasonable, irresponsible, emotional, erratic and unreliable.”


Worst of all, a psychotic mob will engage in atrocities that any solitary individual within the group would normally never consider. Yet through it all, those affected remain unaware of their condition and cannot recognise the error in their ways. Is this starting to seem very familiar?

One of the most common psychogenic factors that can trigger psychosis is a flood of negative emotions such as fear or anxiety that drives the person into a state of panic. When in a panic, the natural inclination is to seek relief. A psychologically resilient individual may adapt by facing their fear and ultimately defeating it. A person who does not have such psychologically resilience usually ends up succumbing to their fears.

Scary right! Does this not seem to mirror exactly what is happening right now in our society?

So how do we ensure that we are not unwittingly a victim caught up in this Mass Formation Psychosis?  Reset our Minds!

In  the same way that as a Universal Law it is true that your  STATE of MIND has power over your physical STATE and that of everything you experience in your physical world. So too is it true that as Spiritual Law your STATE of Conscious Awareness has power over your Mental STATE.

This suggests then that the way to ensure that we are not unwittingly a victim caught up in this Mass Formation Psychosis is to Reset our Minds by applying the Universal Spiritual Law of Conscious Awareness. In other words, instructing the MIND on what it must think based on the reality YOU wish to create. If you choose not to (which is your God given right) just be aware that others will choose for you based on the reality they wish to create.


The DADA MINDreSET For ABUNDANCE on-line course which I am launching next week, was created as a result of public demand by those who missed the live course in October and November. This online version provides you with a tool to ensure you never fall foul to Mass Formation Psychosis as well as teach you how to MANIFEST more effectively through better instruction to your MIND on the reality it is to create for you.

This will be your last opportunity, this year, to do a MINDreSET to allay worry anxiety, fear, depression, procrastination and replace it with hope, optimism, faith, confidence and the manifestation of clear visions and goals in the 5 most important areas of your life.

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Mind & Emotions
  • Relationships
  • The service(s) you provide (Business & Money) 
  • The Human Spirit (Spirituality)

Look at what 2 ladies had to say after completing the 14 Day  MINDreSET For ABUNDANCE Challenge last month


This Course teaches you how to stay focused and create your own  personalised LIFE BOOK of visions and goals for the 5 most important areas of your life.

Equipped with your Life Book you will never fall prey to “Mass Formation Psychosis”, rather Abundance, growth and greater clarity of direction and purpose will be afforded to you.

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    Don’t just Live Your Life
Prove Your Life
Live Life On Purpose”

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