Tony's Story

The Why

Tony Dada & Micheal Beckwith (From The Secret) with their Spiritual mentor Bro. Ishmael Tetteh in Ghana celebrating his 35th Anniversary. (2010)

Anthony Abiola DADA (aka Tony DADA) has been working within his community and across the UK since 1991 after finding himself homeless and stripped of all his worldly possessions including his children due to his relationship breakdown. It was this experience that led him to what he now refers to as “My great experiment”. Having lost everything in 1 day he realised how redundant a life fuelled solely by the need for continual acquisitions becomes and more importantly that “your possessions do not define who YOU are”.

“Having lost everything I also lost fear…. I literally had nothing to lose.”

Slowly I began to see that my predicament actually offered me a unique opportunity. The opportunity to focus on my personal vision of success so that I could live a happier and fulfilled life.”

Despite a lack of resources (no money) and equipped only with the resources he had acquired from his Spiritual Mentor Bro Ishmael Tetteh based in Ghana who had taught him how to live a consciously, fulfilled and empowered life, Tony decided that he was going to put these lessons learnt to the test. Armed only with this knowledge and a vision, he decided he would redefine what success meant to him and make his life stand for something. He was going to make a difference in his community, starting with his own children.

Tony with 2 of his greatest teachers. Tony DADA with his son and daughter Jaie & Joshua.

Tony has since regained all that was lost including his 2 children whom he went on to raise as a single parent, often referring to them as his two most important life Teachers. He has been inspired to serve as a Personal Empowerment Coach as a result of his own adolescent and adult life challenges, a desire to see people succeed and his mentor of over 30 years encouraging him to support people in this way.

Tony is a creative social entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, author and former senior executive within the education system. His creativity has led him to meetings with the heads of both Apple UK and Loreal back in 2006 as well as the staging of projects which have been supported by The Home Office, the Mayor’s Office, The British Army, Island Records, Yamaha, Channel 4, and many others, including more recently NatWest & HSBC Banks as he offers support to anyone serious about their vision of success.

He was also the mastermind behind projects that have provided the springboard for music acts such as Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, JLS and many others from 1992 – 2008.

“It’s time to wake-up & get-up to realise our gifts, talents and abilities so we can Grow Personal Success.” Tony DADA


Tony DADA’s mission is “Empowering People to Live Fulfilled Lives”

His life’s mission is to make a positive difference through investing, engaging, supporting and transforming the lives of individuals serious about finding and re-defining their personal vision of success.

This, he sought to achieve based on his personal wealth of experience gained over three decades from working with individuals from some of society’s most disadvantaged and under represented communities.

This has included those from the ethnic and urban communities, young people and adults who are either not in education, employment or training; involved in gang and criminal activity, from petty crime to armed assault and even murder; as well as single mothers who seek to empower themselves by starting their own business.

“Your MIND-SET sets-up YOUR LIFE” – Tony DADA

The How

DADA stands for Discover Aptitude, Develop and Actualise.


When you came into this world, you already were something special. Did you know that? Well it’s true, you don’t have to ‘make something of yourself’ because you already are something, you arrived here as it. The only problem is that you might not know what it is. Working with the DADA Success Academy you get to DISCOVER what your genius is.


So what did you come into this world with? Aptitude. That is, your God given gifts, talents and abilities. Everyone has them and each is absolutely unique. ‘Discover’ begins the search, Aptitude is what you find.


Yes, you have God given gifts talents and abilities, and you’re going to discover them. The problem is, when you first discover them, they are raw and unrefined. Now comes the process of mastery. A quest in which you practice, hone and refine your abilities to a world class standard through continual DEVELOPMENT.


Tony has been coaching people through this process for more than three decades, so he knows the path well. Once you’ve worked with Tony and his team of “Holistic Mentors” to Discover your Aptitude and you’ve begun to Develop them, now comes the final piece of the puzzle when you fuse everything together and finally ACTUALISE (manifest) your vision.


The What

At the DADA Success Academy Tony uses a variety of tools in his empowerment portfolio which include:

  • The Award winning book, The GPS System – 7 Universal Principles for Growing Personal Success. A collection of Inspirational true stories drawn from some of his mentees over the last 20 years
  • A mixture of courses, workshops and programmes
  • The DADA-R.I.C.H™ Members Club: which supports its members and their guests through regular networking events, seminars and workshops
  • The MINDreSET 90 Day Challenge – A programme which includes an online course which will result in learners producing a personalised “Life Book” along with 1-2-1 Mentoring and accountability sessions across the 90 Days to ensure your growth
  • The (GPS) Grow Personal Success Holistic Mentoring Programme: A 12-week acceleration 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching programme with Tony DADA focused on – Helping individuals identify their natural talents, abilities and unique gifts. Identify and grow passions – Turn Passion-In2-Profits as a coach, mentor or social entrepreneur
  • Showcase networking events