The Grow Personal Success RealTalk & Dinner Sessions – A series of monthly talks each month focusing on the 5 pillars framework that underpins every human life.

Following my recent webinar where I shared why “The setting of just goals at the start of the year is doomed to failure” I have been  surprised by the number of positive comments and feedback I have received. Our promotional video on facebook received a majority of our 11,000 views and over 60 shares organically in less than 10 days. If you missed it here’s my free gift to you. Click the image below to view the webinar. During the webinar I introduce the “MasterKey” as well as how using it in conjunction with the GPS System can begin to provide you with confidence, greater clarity of purpose, lack of confusion and lots more.  


Click the image below to watch as this video will be made private to the public in 3 days, as will the limited special offer.



There has been a paradigm shift and unfortunately many are still living in the old paradigm, much to their discomfort.There is a famous saying that says there are essentially 3 types of people:

  1. Those who watch what happens
  2. Those who wonder “What the hell happened” (because they missed it)
  3. Those who make things happen.

Which one are you? Hopefully the 3rd one, however there is a little problem with that. Have you noticed in the global and domestic media, politics, the financial markets, in fact just about everywhere non of the so called experts are able to predict what’s happening. It almost seems as if the rules of each of these games have changed. What if I told you they have.

My son whilst living in Minnesota was mildly annoyed when I told him that Trump would get into office and he did. I told friends that that the Brexit vote would win. I sold some of my bitcoins at the height of the last bull run on 1st January 2018. How did I get these right?

You see my spiritual mentor and a few other enlightened souls, whom I am blessed to have in my life, have spoken for years of these times that we are now living in when we will all be challenged on many levels. Simply put man is being forced to live a different kind of life to “raise your game” but the rules have changed.

So how do we learn the new rules I hear you say? The shortest and simplest answer is to examine the sum total of your life through each of the 5 pillars that underpin your life.

You see in this Paradigm we are all being called to take personal responsibility for our life. Not parts of it, our whole life. This coupled with a focus on your vision of how you want to show up in the world serves as your GPS System that will enable you to Grow your Personal vision of Success.

For those who are not willing to focus on these 5 pillars they do so at their peril for it’s like walking on to the beach knowing that there is a Tsunami on the way.

Those who know how to read the weather charts through the studying of the skies are able to give fairly accurate weather forecasts which allows us to act and dress accordingly.

When you begin to focus on you and your 5 pillars you may find that you begin to discover, what’s important to you and what action you MUST take because it is in line with your vision and purpose as well as knowing how to engage with your environment.

Learn to take care of the state of your

  1. Mind & Emotions
  2. Physique
  3. Relationships
  4. Spiritual (Non-religious we are referring to your belief system and the nourishing of your soul)
  5. Finances and the service(s) you render for which you are recompensed

If you would like further information on The GPS System and how you can grow your personal vision of success do get in touch by emailing us at

Forthcoming event:

Due to the new interest in the GPS System and the 5 pillars framework we are re-launching our RealTalk Dinner Sessions where each month we get to examine ourselves and our core beliefs around one of the 5 pillars that underpin our lives.

All in the pursuit of finding and expressing our true and authentic self.

Each pillar affects each of the other pillars, something  which is not commonly known though it should be obvious.

You are not “Successful”  if you have a million pounds in the bank (financial/Money Pillar) but poor health (Physical Pillar). The secret is to identify and manage the growth of each collectively.

Join us on Thursday 21st February from 6.30pm – 9.30pm for the 1st of these monthly RealTalk Dinner Sessions with a Caribbean flavour (and then the 1st Thursday of every month). The 1st pillar will be MINDSET where we will discuss:

  • Do you know if you have a Poverty or Prosperity Mindset and how to prove it?
  • Confusion is created through lack of clarity. “Which is your state of mind?
  • How to Think & Grow RICH
  • Psychologists have proven that where the Mind goes continually the body usually follows eventually – Where is your mind taking you?
  • The Law of Attraction is it real or fiction
  • Do you see challenges or opportunities
  • Thoughts are things and thoughts have wings.
  • Mind Reset & MoT
  • Do you know your left Brain from your right Brain? Most people have been conditioned to depend for the most part on their left brain which limits your potential. Learn how to use them both, left and right brain so as to access more brain power.
                                                             Bring Your Own Questions

Forthcoming: RealTalk Dates (For Your Diary)

Thursday 21st February: Pillar Topic – Mindset

Thursday 7th March: Pillar Topic –  Relationships

Thursday 4th April:  Pillar Topic – Conscious Awareness (Spirituality)

Thursday 2nd May:  Pillar Topic – Health

Thursday 7th June:  Pillar Topic – Finances/Business


There are only 30 Tickets so book your ticket now! Visit

Look how a similar project helped one man discover his authentic self.  There are many people who take life for granted, yet still function in a dysfunctional way.

Click below to watch Eldra Jackson’s Story


PS:  The GPS One-2-One 12 week holistic mentoring and coaching programme is about to start and we have 1 place available which is linked to our bursary scheme providing you with a significant fee reduction (if you qualify).

You would need to commence within 14 days committing a minimum of 90 mins a week to the programme. For more details email


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