If you were around exactly 100 years ago you would have found that a guy called Napoleon Hill was in the middle of his 25 years of studying rich and wealthy people to find out how they became that way. The findings he published in his book “Think & Grow RICH” which has gone on to sell over 60 million copies.


Today and in the turbulent times that lies ahead more than ever, do we need the lessons and the practical applications of the spiritual teachings and principles hidden within the pages of this book.


I, like Napoleon, have spent almost 3 decades studying how to harness some of these principles in order that one might achieve success but not just in the area of financial wealth and riches but in 4 other areas of one’s life. These include becoming rich in: 

Your Mental & Emotional Life: – so as to ensure long term Mental and emotional balance

Your Romantic Life: – as well as other rich relationships including children, siblings, parents, work colleagues etc

Your Physical Life: – ensuring that you have a healthy body and strong immune system

Your Spiritual Life: –  this is not based on religious beliefs but ensuring that you have a belief system which supports your growth, as well as your vision and view of the world including the Universe.


My journey through the last 3 decades has led me to meet many wealthy individuals as well as have the privilege of engaging in a few great minds like….. 


Mark Rogers (who at the time of our meeting was the head of Apple UK). His insights and view of the then current education system (2006/7) sowed the seed in my mind for the creation of the DADA Success Academy, A Centre of Excellence that would empower individuals to take responsibility for their education and personal development.


Errol Abramson, a serial entrepreneur for over 50 years has no less than 47 successful businesses under his belt with 4 of them reaching a billion dollar annual turnover, without a single one going bust. Honoured and privileged to have him as a business mentor and friend, he openly puts his success and fortune down solely to reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ as a 14 year old boy and then taking massive action.




Of all the minds I have been blessed to engage with on a deep level none have been more impactful than that of Bro Ishmael Tetteh who has been running his organisation The Etherean Mission International a Centre for Spiritual Empowerment for 45 years. Blessed to have him as my spiritual mentor for 37 years, he introduced me to the principles of ‘The Secret’ the Law of Attraction over 30 years ago. In 2006 through his close relationship at the time with Rhonda Byrne I was given copies to introduce The Secret into the UK and taught it as part of the learning material to young students that studied at my Not for Profit organisation. This year, as is customary every 5 years, I will be joining him in Ghana, along with representatives from across the globe including my friend Michael Beckwith (also from The Secret) where we will be celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Etherean Mission International, Coronavirus permitting.



As I look at the devastation that Coronavirus is having across the Globe I am able to look through a lens that is coloured by all 3 of these great minds seeing a golden opportunity through new education centres with a difference, one that weaves the philosophy of conscious awareness and business.


To test this idea I will be launching a Book Club, the first book being “Think and Grow RICH” where we will dig up and lay bare the deep spiritual nuggets that Napoleon Hill buried in the book. The majority of the people at that time were not ready for such a teaching.


Today I believe we are.


This weekly on-line course will also provide the opportunity to learn directly from the experienced businessman Errol Abramson himself.


If you would like to know more about how you can be a part of the Book Club and some of the other things in development join our Facebook group ‘MINDreSET For Success’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindresetforsuccess/ where we will keep the group updated on developments. Alternatively join our community “The R.I.C.H Society” and receive updates through our regular newsletters and bulletins by filling out the pop up form on the page www.dadarichsociety.com.



Just like the industrial revolution over 100 years ago paved the way for some of the worlds most successful industrialists like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John Hertz and William Wrigley who all understood and were part of a community and mastermind groups. In the same way I do believe that we are witnessing a Conscious Revolution where those who understand and join a dynamic community or mastermind group will have the opportunity to elevate their life and business to heights previously thought unimaginable. Whilst unfortunately the vast majority will be steeped in either fear, confusion, lack and limitation or all of the above. 


The beauty here is, you get to choose by taking action Now!


Welcome to the New World.



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