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Including the launch of the “MINDreSET & 20/20 Challenge”

Every year comes with its own vibrational frequency and so rather than setting goals at the beginning of the year, instead I begin the year with a period of fasting through the month of January. The fasting makes the body lighter and as a result the mind more in tune with its surroundings than normal. The intention of tuning in to this vibrational frequency is to identify the energy and then use it in my visioning and planning for the year. 

“2020 brings the opportunity to move and manifest at speed through clarity of vision discipline and hard work” 

I also look at the number of the year and what impact that is likely to have. It’s not for everyone but it has worked for me over the last 15 years or so, hence why I am sharing with you.

Here’s what one of the numerology sites says about 2020:

2020 Numerology is a year 4 (2 + 2 = 4). 2020 Numerology marks the start of a year full of spiritual discovery and personal growth. Each of the life paths is set to make some astonishing discoveries and improvements this year. Number 4 year in Numerology encourages us to focus on our organisation skills and approaches to work. Numerology 2020 is going to be an exciting one in terms of love and relationships. Achievements will come thick and fast this year and will serve as a great reward following your hard work and dedication.”

Why is this worth looking at?  It allows us to be open consciously to these opportunities and possibilities so that if and when such opportunities  present themselves we are able to embrace them swiftly because we are already in a state of expectancy and anticipation.

2020 will be a year full of challenges which will require hard work and dedication but this need not be seen as a negative. For those who are prepared to put themselves through the discipline there are great rewards to be had. For example, it is very hard to qualify for the olympics in any sport and if you qualify there are even more challenges ahead, but equally you also have the chance to go down in history if you win a gold, silver or bronze medal.

MINDreSET & 20/20 Challenge

A Showcase Opportunity For You 

As a result of my experience in creating Showcasing, challenge opportunities for people across the UK since 1992, which has given many a personal boost to launching their careers, this year I will be piloting an opportunity for business visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs with a start-up business and the chance to showcase to receive funding, investment, coaching and mentorship.

Have a look at the last challenge I staged back in 2007 for creatives entrepreneurs and artists, you may recognise some familiar faces (CLICK HERE)

Imagine being able to: 

  1. Identify your passion
  2. Use your passion to identify your purpose 
  3. Package your purpose and make it into a profitable business 

The result would be that you wake up every day doing what you love with the added bonus that people also pay you to do it. How cool is that? Pause for a moment, close your eyes and just think what that would do to your life.

How do I know what that feels like? Well that’s the life I have been living for the last 28 years and now because the time and energy is right I and my dedicated team want to support a small number of you to embark on the  MINDreSET & 20/20 Challenge to provide you with greater personal, professional or entrepreneurial clarity for you and your business as a result of accessing the increasing number of committed individuals we are attracting as part of our growing team. Visit www.dadarichsociety.com/challenge to select your challenge (any challenge purchased provides free entry to  this Conference)

Alternatively register directly for “Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs Conference on Saturday 29th February”  register at  https://www.dadarichsociety.com/leaders 

We have a great lineup of speakers who as part of our growing team of conscious entrepreneurs will introduce you to new ideas and concepts which will help you grow as you start on your MINDreSET journey.  

Eyeglasses or contact lenses help you have 20/20 vision. But what does that term “20/20” really mean? The phrase 20/20 vision means normal vision.

A person with 20/20 vision can see what an average individual can see on an eye chart when they are standing 20 feet away,” 

An eye chart measures visual acuity, which is the clearness or sharpness of vision. But 20/20 vision is not perfect vision. A person can have 20/15 vision, which is sharper than average. If you have 20/15 vision, you can see a line in the eye chart at 20 feet that the average person can only see when they are 15 feet away. The goal of glasses or contact lenses is to bring a person’s vision to 20/20.

But if you do not take an eye test your eyes may be deteriorating without you realising it and therefore able to take the necessary corrective measures, causing even more damage.

The MINDreSET & 20/20 Challenge is designed to create the environment and conditions to allow you to test and prove to yourself that you have a 20/20 vision or better, for your Personal, Professional & Entrepreneurial life. In addition, based on your discovery you can take the necessary corrective measure to either “reset” or  “Off set” your MIND to allow you to perform above average in your particular area of focus.

Join us on Saturday 29th February   “Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs Conference on https://www.dadarichsociety.com/leaders

Alternatively if you want to get off to a flying start register for any of the challenges and start the Online course 12/2/2020 and receive a Free ticket to the launch event (worth £29) plus a copy of my book worth £19.99. (The online course will be repeated each month if you miss this date)

There are limited places so hurry visit www.dadarichsociety.com/challenge

“20/20 the year we challenge our self through a MINDreSET” 


Forthcoming Events – Visit www.dadarichsociety.com for full details


  • Women’s Conference – 8th March (More information will be confirmed at a later date)


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