Inspired Action

In my last blog (click the link) I wrote about 2017 being the year of inspired action based on us figuring out where we want to go in 2017.

Well, have you figured it out yet?

And as a result do you know what INSPIRED ACTION you need to take?

Well if you haven’t got full clarity yet all is not lost.

Why not join us this weekend at The Best You Expo – The UK’s leading personal development event (see below for details).

After the success of our recent event we’ve taken inspired action  and will be attending The Best You Expo at stand 150 (come say hello)

We will be there promoting our own upcoming events such as the next BUSINESS, MONEY & YOU event in May, our next GPS Graduation Live Event (Sat 25th March) as well as offering our exclusive promotions to become part of our…

100 R.I.C.H Members Club

We are growing a tribe of empowered people, sharing our resources with them, as well as developing a support system for everyone.

My Spiritual Mentor from Ghana – Taught me:

“A true African cares and shares”

And I want us to cultivate that caring and sharing spirit.


I have been blessed with a small circle of incredible people who I admire and respect, and I wish to share some of these blessings with our members.

People Like:

Brother Ishmael Tetteh – My spiritual mentor of over 30 years, who wants to share his ancient spiritual knowledge, so that his life long vision of world peace might be realised starting with Personal Spiritual Empowerment.  He is traveling to the UK in a few weeks so look out for details of an event.

Errol Abramson – A serial business owner, who has run 47 companies successfully, a few of them with a turnover of more than a billion dollars. He wants to show you how to start a business using his tried and tested systems.

Simon Coulson – Millionaire online entrepreneur and owner of the Internet Business School, who wants to share his knowledge on how to make money online.

Nick Howe – Enterprise Manager from NatWest Bank who with over 20 years in banking can show you how best to get started in business without making the same mistakes that more than 40% of new starts do and as a result fold by year 3.

Bola Ranson – Property investor who has experience of over 15 years working with top developers. Together we have developed a unique model to assist our members who are struggling to get on the property ladder.

Despite what the media may tell you, know that these challenging but exciting times are full with R.I.C.H possibilities. It depends on how you view your challenges.

Do you see them as obstacles or opportunities?

Nuff Luv

Tony D.A.D.A

(Discover Aptitude Develop & Accelerate towards your vision of Success)

Forthcoming Events

The Best You EXPO (4-5 March) is the UK’s leading personal development event, featuring over 160 inspiring exhibitors and 120 expert speakers, including Lifestyle Coach Jason Vale, self made millionaire Baroness Michelle Mone, Business Mentor Sharon Lechter, and many more and we will be there too.

Come visit the team along with Nick from NatWest Bank (he’ll only be there till 12 on Saturday so arrive early if you want to speak with him. We will be at stand 150 where we will be promoting our next BUSINESS, MONEY & YOU event as well as offering our exclusive promotions to become part of our 100 R.I.C.H Members Club.

As well as inspirational seminars and interactive workshops from leading experts on topics such as health, love, nutrition, motivation and entrepreneurships, you can also learn new skills such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Public Speaking, Deception Detection and even Plate Spinning!  

The Best You EXPO takes place on the weekend of 4-5 March 2017 at ExCeL London.

Click here for a free ticket (LINK).

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