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We want this publication to be a place for us to showcase our work, get inspired and keep ourselves abreast of each others upward trajectory.

Dear Family,

Welcome to our first R.I.C.H Society Quarterly Newsletter. We are tickled pink to be at this stage of our organisation’s development. Thank you so much for your support, ideas and engagement, all of our work is truly not possible without you.

News & Announcements

Our planned event for 23rd Sept 2018 has been postponed, due to a tremendous opportunity to participate in an event for serious entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Development Institute – On Saturday 27th come and spend a day learning from Errol Abramson who has run small to multi-million companies. He now spends his time teaching people how he has been able to run 47 companies over 4 decades. As one of the main promoters, I have a deal for you. The first 4 people to buy a ticket be automatically upgraded. Get your early bird tickets (CLICK HERE).

Self Discovery Session – If you want to discover how you can accelerate your Personal, Professional or Business development why not join us on Friday 21st September.
Attend our morning Self Discovery Sessions (CLICK HERE)


Business Discovery Session – In the afternoon there’s an opportunity for Professionals, Creatives and Social Entrepreneurs to come together to explore strategic collaborations.
If you’d like to attend both session please email for a special discount.
There are only 10 places available for each session so reserve your place now!
Attend our afternoon Business Discovery Sessions (CLICK HERE).


Black Child Agenda – On Saturday 15th September I will be joining Cheryl Phoenix, alongside a host of others speakers at the Black Child Agenda – Education & Family Conference, where we explore possible solutions to the school to Prison Pipeline, the role of fathers and mothers as well as single parenting which is an area I am all to familiar with.
Click Here for more details on how to register.


Insight into my story, “A Life Worth Living
by Tony DADA

Soon after I made myself intentionally homeless in pursuit of my purpose, I met my spiritual mentor and began a journey of self-discovery. 10 years later one day I found myself homeless again this time stripped of everything armed with nothing other than which I had learnt from my mentor, which I did not realise at the time was more valuable than anything.

What I soon discovered was that my personal growth and success was directly linked to helping, in fact investing in people, particularly those from certain sections of society namely conscious, creative and social entrepreneurs as well as youth and women.

For more than 25 years that is what I have done, learnt how to invest in people because, there is a skill to it. For 20 years this investing in people did not require the investee to invest in themselves and despite this success was achieved. The last 5 years however, has yielded even better results primarily because humanity is waking up and I have learnt the hard way that the best people to invest in are those ready to invest in themselves.

People are waking up to their true potential realising that life is not about being dependent on a boss who will employ you to do his/her bidding for a flimsy pay cheque. Instead through working on one self, one can learn how to identify and then package one’s skills, talents and abilities and then employ yourself to provide this as a benefit to the world.

This is the learning community I am now investing in, designing and constructing with my team to facilitate your growth and transformation.

I am so grateful that you are one of our early supporters as you get to input in how this takes shape.

Let’s build a rich learning environment and community, which will allow us to grow and express our higher and true potential.

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1. How can we serve you?
If you could fill out this questionnaire on how we can serve you better, as a thank you we will give you access to an exclusive video from Tony DADA & Nick Howe from Natwest Bank.

2. Grow our membership
If you know of conscious creatives like yourself who could benefit from being part of this growing society or contribute to our wealth of knowledge and experience please feel free to point them in our direction, Recommend someone and if they take up subscription you get 20% off, when your next subscription is due.


3. “ASK for Help”
If you have an issues that has been plaguing you for ages. Why not put it to other members and see what solutions we can come up with. “Many hands make light work.”

Things to discover when you have a broken foot!
by Judith Jack

I love learning, but dislike reading and have a selective short term memory, so imagine my delight when I came across this guy (Jim Kwik), who promised to improve my memory tenfold, as well as improving my reading speed, “count me in”, I shout excitedly.

So I sign up for his free 90 minute online introductory course with some scepticism. The course was

Fab-ul-ous, well put together, engaging, lots of learning opportunities, (a bit contrived in places), but I can live with that.  At the end of the course, he does him “up-sell bit” which I reflect on and discuss with my husband, who makes some positive noises, so I do the spontaneous thing and I purchase a more in-depth course, starting in Sept 2018. Really excited as the whole family will do the 1 month course with me.

There were loads of takeaways from the introductory course, but the one that challenged me the most was “you should aim to read a book a week” to help improve your memory and retention. My first reaction was “What…I can’t do that, is he mad?” I have been known to take 6-12 months to read a book. After a day of reflection I decide to try this mission impossible task. Being a project manager I break everything down into “chunks”, so I do the following calculations:  Length of book divided by 7 days = number of pages to read per day (30 pages per day) oh, “that doesn’t sound too bad!”

On 3 Sept, I started the experiment. It’s now 24th Sept, I have read 3 books! Blow me over with a feather…My success is due to chunking the books; allocating 45 minutes a day to read, without fail; quick wins gave me motivation to keep going.  On my quest I came across 2 gems, which I thought I should share, brace yourself its “heavy” and “practical, I can’t help it, I am a project manager.

Heavy: “The question is – if you die today, what ideas, what dreams, what abilities, what talents and what gifts, would die with you? (Quote by Les Brown, in Andy Harrington’s book Passion into Profits- 2015). The way I interpret this is, as a conscious creative with a plethora of the above traits, you have a responsibility to share, so that we all learn and grow.

Practical: “In stepping up we often feel exposed and vulnerable and want to run back to our comfort zone”, saying “I can’t do it or if I do X then Y will happen.” Instead why not try these self-talk “If I take action I will either win or I will learn something and I love learning” or “Everything happens for a reason that supports my journey” or “If someone else can do it, I can do it too”. (Ref: Paraphrased extract from Andy Harrington’s book Passion into Profits- 2015). Enjoy!

In the SpotLight is a feature space for YOU as members to raise your profile by: Sharing your story; showcasing your business offer; or discussing a topic of your choice. Contact us for further information if you would like to be featured in our next Newsletter at: Readership: 1500 people approx



Directory of Creative, Social Entrepreneurs

Owner: Matt Dickson

Company: ibizconsult – Internet Business Consultants


Duration: 6 years


Profile: I operate a results orientated, holistic digital web agency. This means that we don’t just build websites, we develop conversion machines. Targeted traffic in the form of visitors to your website, who can be effectively converted into leads and sales, this should be the lifeblood of any business in 2018. A high converting website coupled with an effective digital marketing strategy is the key to achieving this. I personally have 10 years’ experience in delivering high quality functional websites to everyone from start-up businesses to large multinational corporations. Pair with this my team of highly experienced marketing campaign managers who cover social, search and paid advertising and you have some serious weaponry at your disposal. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, delivering more products and services to those who need them most then look no further. Get in touch for a free online strategy consultation today

Owner: Suzanne Gordon-Brown

Company: SGB HR Services

Based: Harrow

Employees: 0

Duration: 2 yrs

Profile: I am a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development(MCIPD).

I have over  20 years experience within Human Resources and have worked in a number of different industries and both public and private sectors.
As the Founder and Director of SGB HR Services, we specialise in guiding and supporting small business (from 5 to 30 employees) with their HR and People Agenda to ensure they implement standard ways of complying with legal requirements thereby operating best practice.

As someone who is passionate about supporting small business, it is my mission to take away your worries and pain, and to provide you with the support and expertise you need in terms of your HR and People agenda, leaving you to take care of your business. With my commitment to HR I will make sure that we make the most of your valuable asset – your people.


Owner: Chris Coney  

Company: Cryptoversity  

Based: Grimsby  

Employees: 0  

Duration: 2 yrs


Profile: Cryptoversity was the world’s first online school to teach courses on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Cryptoversity Exists to Boost cryptocurrency adoption, separate money from the state and create a competitive landscape that offers equal opportunities for individual economic prosperity.


Owner: Anthony Francis

Company: Business Coach

Based: London

Employees: 0

Duration: 6 months


Profile: As a Business Coach, I have over 20 years’ experience in the field of managing, mentoring, coaching and implementing successful Programmes, Partnerships and Projects in different industries.

I know it can be a real challenge for individuals & businesses to set priorities, create clarity or simply not get overwhelmed by the size of their goals or tasks at hand. I help to turn these goals into solutions by the use of my “Think It Plan It Do It Now process”,that develops a clear understanding of how to research, plan and implement your goals to achieve success.


Owner: Andrew Magno

Based: London

Profile: We primarily work with Personal Trainers that make an impact in their clients’ lives that they couldn’t achieve by themselves. We help by improving their branding, online presence and implementing Face book marketing campaigns designed to aid Personal Trainers reach more people that need help attaining their goals.

We do this by providing high quality photography and videography for Personal Trainers to elevate their brand and for use online and in marketing campaigns. We leverage these digital assets to create a uniform online presence from their website to their social media platforms and for targeted Facebook marketing to bring in more of the right people that they want to help.

Before even picking up the camera we find out what’s currently working and not working as well as find their ideal client to niche down into for a streamlined approach and less future headaches.


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