2018 has been a very turbulent year. How was it for you?

Yet through it all you are still here part of our growing community and I want to personally say “Thank you for your continued support”. In 2019 we have planned to be of more service.

What were some of the highs as well as lows for you? It’s important to reflect and even list these around this time of year, for even in the “Lows”, life offers R.I.C.H lessons if we pay attention and ask ourselves the question;
“What did I learn here?”

In my 1st blog of 2018 (click here) I wrote about 2018 being the year of “Strategic Collaborations”. Did this materialise for you?

The highlight for me during 2018 without a doubt was not 1 but several strategic collaborations, here are just 2.

Celebrating a 35 year journey with my spiritual mentor Bro Ishmael Tetteh this summer, a new vision was created through our new strategic collaboration, seeking to empower even more people across the planet to live fulfilled and purposeful lives.

As a special gift to you here is a clip from our new interview series “On A Mission” with Bro Ishmael as our first guest.  Click Here to view a clip from the full interview.
(Full interview will be released to members next month)

Brother Ishmael Tetteh & Tony DADA #OnAMission
Errol Abramson & Tony DADA

August 2018 one month after celebrating with Bro Ishmael I was contacted by Errol Abramson, little did I know that this was going to be my most significant new collaboration. Errol has since become my business mentor. As one who has experience in running over 47 businesses Errol has quite literally opened and expanded my mind to new possibilities beginning with sharing and working with him on the vision of creating a global community of 100 million entrepreneurs.

This might seem crazy to some but I’ve been here before. 35 years ago some of the things I heard Bro Ishmael say sounded crazy then but I am now witnessing them today.

Identify your strategic collaborators of 2018 they are going to be very useful and helpful in 2019

In 2019

We are very excited to be launching the R.I.C.H Society a progressive community for Conscious Creative Minds and the talented as well as social entrepreneurs. The R.I.C.H Society has been set up to provide personal as well as business development tools, programmes and courses for those serious about creating and growing their vision of success and making an impact on the planet that benefits all.

Imagine being able to receive direct mentoring from people with literally decades of expertise like Errol and Bro Ishmael at an annual fee that’s affordable – well that’s what’s coming.

Watch out for my first blog for 2019 where I will share some of my insights along with those gained from Bro Ishmael for the year ahead and why you should not set any goals for 2019 until you’ve read this blog.

I will also be sharing a special gift courtesy of Errol if you are looking to create that R.I.C.H Lifestyle in 2019 through travelling to global destinations enjoying up to 70% discount on your accommodation.

That’s it for now, I’ll be in touch next year.

Nuff Love

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